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catch&release 04-27-2007 08:26 AM

Back to Montana
My name is Don, I am 56 years along now and my high school sweetheart and I are back together again after 35+ years of separation....

We moved back home to Missoula, Montana (Geri's original home) last August so she could be closer to her family, and so I could get back to fishing again!!! Well, other things we want to do to, but I especially had a hankerin' to get back to the small streams I used to love to fish as a boy.

I was raised in the Big Hole in the Southwest corner of Montana, where the majestic Big Hole river winds lazily through the valley. I used to fish most all of that drainage area such as Steel Creek, Swamp Creek, etc. and can't wait until I can test my old and new skills against those streams once again.

I am slowly gearing up again after not having fished for many, many years. I have been reading, absorbing, buying and outfitting my fly fishing regalia as my discretionary income will allow me. Getting some good bargains at some local pawn shops has saved me lots for some quality items. Next big purchase will be my first set of waders, and there is a plethora to choose from, in all price ranges.

I have a little difficult frame to fit for waders, and when I went to the local stores to try some on, they not only did not carry a full size range for the manufactures they represent, they would NOT special order the sizes I requested! So looks like I will have to deal on the Internet for this purchase. I have read several threads on this forum about wader recommendations, and that is really helpful.

While I am here, I will also put a plug out for a publication well worth the money for those looking for some great tips, called 'Complete Photo Guide to Fly Fishing' from the Fresh Water Anglerô written by C. Boyd Pfeiffer. Available on Amazon for a mere pittance! It contains "300 Strategies, Techniques and Insights" and has some of the best tips and tricks for gear and fishing ethics I think you will find.

Anyway, enough about me. Glad to be here amongst all of you and will participate as my expertise matures! :cool:

"Any bad day fishing is better than any good day working!" :tsk_tsk:

juro 04-27-2007 09:34 AM

Welcome to the forum!

Your story of reuniting with your lifelong sweetie is a wonderful one. I am sure it hits home to more than one heart in this community.

Both streams and dreams are flowing in your direction now, congratulations.

We look forward to hearing about those blue ribbon Montana streams in the days to come.

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