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juro 03-13-2001 04:30 PM

Got some killer flies!
Received today - killer tube flies from Doublespey and "fresh" shrimp flies from NorthFK! Friday night I got Bill's "Haretics" in the snowstorm, so we are getting close to quorum... if not already there.

Brian the delivery mix-up was that they couldn't get up my driveway in the blizzard, they don't deliver to a PO box, then the receptionist signed for them at work and I finally found out today. Well worth the wait though! I have been chatting with the HMH rep and he's pretty excited about all the tube interest.

Ryan - those are some awesome ties... you definitely have the steely sense. I am big on integrating synthetics into prawn bodies as well and those looked so tasty I was tempted to munch on them at lunch break.

Bill's loose bunny pattern whumped the Thompson steelies - three lifetime fish in a row in fact. There was only one picture though, those fish and the one Brian hooked right after were as hot as pistols.

Phil - I am concerned about the flies you sent from Scotland. I will double check all of my packages but I do not recall getting them. I asked at the desk for packages that could not fit, but they had none. I will turn everything inside out here and let you know what I find out. You will receive 6 flies no matter what the outcome. Since you're coming out this way - I'll send a mix of 3 salmon flies and 3 striper flies!

NrthFrk16 03-14-2001 03:24 PM

RE:Got some killer flies!
Glad you liked the flies! Wait till you see the shrimpy in the water. ;)

Can not wait to see everyone else's ties. We get so used to seeing the ties of the well known steelhead fisherman and so we truly do miss out because they are only a small percentage of the fisherman and thus they provide us with only a small percentage of the creativity that is truly out there.

juro 03-14-2001 11:35 PM

RE:Got some killer flies!
I'll get images finished and will email a line of text you can cut and paste into a thread (under the steelhead fly area) and >presto< the fly will appear. Just type in the recipe below it and it will be captured forever in pixels and print.

Am I missing anyones flies still?

sinktip 03-15-2001 03:49 PM

RE:Got some killer flies!
Mine are in a box on the kitchen table. Hope to mail out tomorrow.

juro 03-15-2001 04:59 PM

RE:Got some killer flies!
Duggan -

No worries, take as much time as you need to. We reset the loose "deadline" to tax day. I'll send them out no later than mid-April; most likely sooner. In any case there is no big rush.


Jeff 03-16-2001 10:39 AM

RE:Got some killer flies!
Mine are on my fly tying table where they have been for a month now. I will Fed Ex them on Monday.


Man the sky is at like 2500 should would be nice to be swinging a fly but let the fish spawn unharassed and in 4 or 5 years hopefully a better run.

juro 03-16-2001 01:55 PM

RE:Got some killer flies!
Thanks Jeff!

The striper swap was cool, the images are starting to get posted in the striper fly archive. We'll do the same for these killer steelie flies when they are distributed.

Looking forward to it!


striblue 03-17-2001 08:45 AM

RE:Got some killer flies!
Juro, I look forward to seeing those flies with instructions. My only steelhead fishing been to the Salmon River.. but do want to start a collection of these flies.

juro 03-21-2001 12:52 PM

RE:Got some killer flies!
A shadow box with a steelhead fly or a salmon fly would be a nice addition to the Chatham Angler's Club!

striblue 03-22-2001 09:37 AM

RE:Got some killer flies!
Now your talking... It sure would... By the way I contacted CCA after the Burlinton dinner and was able to purchase that bueatify Oil painting for $700... the one that had a minimum bid and was withdrawn from the auction. It will look great at the CAC.

juro 03-22-2001 09:48 AM

RE:Got some killer flies!
John - you da' man!

Steve Moore and I were discussing how odd it was that no one picked up that gorgeous original work during the auction. I look forward to the day when we are enjoying a cuban and a scotch, pondering the mangroves after an evening's fishing at big girl bar.

Congratulations, and I hope CCA puts you on their "A" list.

striblue 03-22-2001 10:35 AM

RE:Got some killer flies!
Ahhhh..Juro... you are so right. I hope Before the May clave some of the guys can stop over for just that.. a scotch ,a cigar and ..the picture . An Escape....

juro 03-23-2001 09:22 AM

RE:Got some killer flies!
I received a bevy of beautiful flies from Duggan today - we're very close to quorum for sending them out. My routine is to stop by the post office box on my way to work. Each time I get flies, I nearly drive off the road looking at them and this morning was no exception!

I'll begin digital photographs and scanning to see which provides the best images for the archive.

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