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juro 05-13-2000 09:20 AM

South Cape Cold but Hot
With the cool east wind and drizzle, it took fleece and a jacket to keep the spirits high but the fish were willing. The amount of muck in the water prevented the usual south side sweeps although the birds were working bait just past the muckline about 3 times a Lefty cast from shore.

It was clear that inside estuaries were the ticket to escape wind and find warmer water. Thinking back on last week's clave, we headed into the channel between Stage and Dennis and there were a few rats to be had, but the water was cold on the legs and there seemed to be little going on.

Bill and I then moved into a water, darker, smaller estuary area and ended up with over 15 fish up to 25" with a 7 cast/ 7 fish streak in the middle.

Next morning I met Tom, same drill - started outside and the wind drove us in. Within a few casts I was into a fish with a tail bigger than a grown man's hand, a lot of screaming line and the rod bent to the butt. I got it close enough to see it was large and the tail waved around out of the water between runs. Tom was walking over cause I asked him to take a photo and sure as hell the fish spit the hook with only a few feet past the nail knot. Should have known better than to mention the "p" word!

About two casts later a 27" fish (landed) grabbed the fly and took the line into the backing. Little brown sea lice dancing all over the thing, beautiful condition. I compared the tail sizes on the fish in hand verses the one churning the water prior and figure the first one was a... "k" "kee" - better not say it, don't want to jinx myself. That's even worse than the "p" word. 19 or so fish later we called it a good morning.

Nice to have the season back!

juro 05-13-2000 12:57 PM

RE:South Cape Cold but Hot
Just thought I'd mention that we ran into the "pope" (Hawkeye) from the spring clave. He had caught a couple and looked like he was in position to do his usual clean-up as we left. There were a few chunky fish around, hope he ran into them on the ebb current.

Both Bill and Tom were recent fly converts and this scenario was good in that it provided some lessons learned, casting improvement, and action. No fish did anything less than bolt back into the depths, in fact I took a couple of face splashings. All hooks were barbless single fly hooks and there was no difficulty removing any fish, most by simply inverting the hook.

Now... on to bigger fish! I want to see more backing.

Tod D 05-13-2000 02:16 PM

RE:South Cape Cold but Hot
Your post made my day (& most likely weekend). Pre-move packing heats up as we've 2 weeks till we move so I doubt any outings are in the cards until after Memorial Day. Glad to read others are enjoying the early season...

Hawkeye 05-14-2000 09:53 AM

RE:South Cape Cold but Hot

Thanks so much for saving my day. I was looking squarely into the skunk's eyes when I met up with Juro and Tom. Juro had caught a couple but they were going to try yesterday's hot spot back in the estuary. A little while later I joined them on the small water lined by marsh on one side and very expensive homes on the other. They were catching a number of schoolies and I managed to beat the skunk with a couple myself.

As they were leaving Juro told me the tale of the tails. I was impressed and a little voice in my head was saying "Maybe this is the day you get a keeper on a fly!" To date I haven't managed a striper much biger than the popper or should I say Poper fish of the spring clave. Juro pointed out the best spot and then gave me the killer fly.

I continued catching schoolies on my creation out of some misguided sense of pride but eventually switched over to Juro's work of art. I was still catching schoolies but they were biger and occasionally able to take out some line and make the reel sing. Then it happened. A solid thunk and I set the hook the rod bent to the butt and line started flying through my fingers from the stripping basket. A silent prayer "Please God, don't let the line tangle." My prayer was answered and the fish was on the reel making it scream and smacking my thumb with the handle as I ineptly tryed to palm the reel. After a couple more runs the battle turned into a brutish tug of war and I was steadilly gaining ground. I eased it into the grass and shallow water and knelt to remove the hook perfectly centered in it's upper lip. I pulled the tape measure out and discovered I was one year late to say I had caught a keeper on a fly. It was just over 28 inches of beautiful fish bright, fat and tired from the fight. I walked it over to some deeper water to help it recover which it quickly did and I watched it glide gracefully back into the deep subtle current. A beautiful sight.

I didn't stay much longer. The schoolies after that were anticlimatic and I had some mall hopping to do for a Mother's day gift.

Thanks again Juro!

juro 05-14-2000 11:25 AM

RE:South Cape Cold but Hot
AWESOME Gregg! I had a feeling you might do well in there, the outgoing would have probably been even better... but it seems we both had obligations to keep - until NEXT WEEK!

Congrats, a mere two inches to go

Lefty 05-15-2000 07:59 AM

RE:South Cape Cold but Hot
Ah guys, the spring clave is over, now you can kindly leave Bass River and go back to your usual haunts.

Hey Greg,
Me too on quest for 1st keeper on a fly. Funny, it just got 2" is farther out of reach.


tomd 05-15-2000 09:07 AM

RE:South Cape Cold but Hot
ok Juro, what was the secret fly?

juro 05-16-2000 06:40 AM

RE:South Cape Cold but Hot
No secret... the deep eel which is posted in the fly archive.

BTW - Tom called me with some news yesterday. He's the guy I fished w/ Saturday. He went back on Sunday AM fishing the deep eel through the same stretch for less than 2 hours. He also landed a couple of 28" - his first bigger stripers on a fly.

That's three anglers in two days hooking/landing several of last years keeper sized stripers in a few hours elapsed time in the same spot! Not too shabby for the team

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