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jero 04-17-2007 06:26 PM

how long for trout to start feeding?
Even though i┤m probably hogging the "getting started" forum, my ignorance in fly fishing needs all the support it can get...

My question is the following: the other day i went fishing with my dad. i let him fish upstream ahead of me to give him a better chance, ┤cause he hasn┤t gone fishing very much. The thing is that he was a "bull in a china store", trashing around the water and scaring everything, sending all the scared trout right at me. Even though i guess there isn┤t a general rule about it, ┐but about how long does it take for scared trout to start feeding again?┐seconds, minutes,hours?

thank you all

tight-lines 04-17-2007 06:45 PM

MMM... good question. My experiance is..... it depends. I have already hooked a trout and broke it off returned to the same spot 45 min later caught the same fish and got my lost fly. Then again I've turned trout and they seem gun shy for the rest of the day. My best advise is to help your dad to wade a little quieter
think of it as hunting and your stalking the trout. One of the great aspects of troutfishing with a fly rod is it forces you to slow down and be observant.
I usally figure if I missed a trout or spooked it he got the best of me that day.
There is usually plenty of other water to cover.

FrenchCreek 04-17-2007 09:08 PM

Another "it depends" situation. On my home waters, the Bow river, if a fish is put down from feeding, it could take an hour or more before it gets back to feeding. On another river in Montana, a fish that has been put down often comes back to the feeding station/behavior in about 10 minutes. The solution is to put lots of time in on a piece of water and figure out the fish in there. Once you have figured out fish behavior, keep it a secret because it is probably worth several millions in a book deal or something.

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