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JenH 10-27-2000 08:46 AM

Great Cape Fishing
Fished a favorite Bourne spot last night. The bait was thick, flopping all around me, closing in behind me wherever I waded. As I was stripping line for my first cast, there was a decent sized break four feet in front of me. The schoolies were feasting, breaks scattered virtually everywhere.

Fished alot of flies, with little success. Then, when the lights went out I pulled out a fly Al had tied for me ("It's a cross between a Coyote Fly and a Bonito Bunny," he says, "The Howlin' Bunny??")and hooked up on the second cast.

Hooked three, caught one, had a bump on every other cast. What I encountered were small schoolies (12-18"), but there were bigger splashes further out. I think if I could cast the distance needed to get out to the deeper channel, I'd have met with some decent sized fish. (someday...)

Except that I was fishing this spot on the incoming for the first time and almost got my #*^&* stranded (ah, the novice FF), it was great fishing. More like late September than Halloween; beautiful, warm, and FISHY!

(Greg, I half expected to run into your dad in his kayak!)

juro 10-27-2000 09:48 AM

RE:Great Cape Fishing
Awesome report Jen, keep 'em coming! Sounds like you have some fish in the neighborhood. Like Art says, the day will come when there are whole family outings and claves. I gotta work on my family!


grego 10-27-2000 09:54 AM

RE:Great Cape Fishing
You should have given him (Fred) a call; I'm sure he would have come down & fished with you. Congrats!!

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