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jero 04-03-2007 12:25 PM

what´s a skating caddis?
I´ve read in an article that for pockets with lots of current it might be better to use streamers or "skating caddis" instead of dead-drift nymphs.
The thing is that I don´t know what a skating caddis is, I either fish with caddis nymphs or a regular elk hair caddis as a dry.
Can anybody tell my what that is and how you´re supposed to fish it?

juro 04-03-2007 01:25 PM

If you're going to ask questions like that you are going to have to change your login name to something that is a little less like mine! :lildevl: ;)

Just kidding, that happens to be one of my favorite techniques.

A skating caddis is a pattern designed to be held under tension on the surface to create a wake, like a little boat, on the surface. The caddis fly is a common insect with this application since they lay their eggs on the surface while in flight and may fall in and struggle to get out of the water etc.

Steelhead can sometimes be driven to explosive takes on the surface with this method. Here are a couple of my original steelhead caddis patterns, one skater the other wet. I riffle hitch the skater. The wing design was shown to me by a hardcore guy from Bellevue a couple of decades ago and I swore I would not share the pattern but I have changed his design so much over the years it doesn't resemble his anymore :)
Juro's Fall Caddis (dry and wet versions)

There are years of testing and refinement in these patterns. I didn't want to share this or several other proven patterns I have been refining over the years. But go ahead and copy 'em, I am sure they work.

flytyer 04-03-2007 01:48 PM

A skating caddis is nothing more than a caddis dry fly fished with intentional across stream drag, usually by casting down and across and then letting the fly drag across the current. The elk hair caddis is a great fly to do this with because the little bit of elk hair at the front of the fly helps keep it from being pushed under as it drags (or skates) across the current. A skated caddis is a very effective way to get trout to rise to your fly, especially when there are caddis in the air.

jero 04-03-2007 02:18 PM

Reply to Juro!
No amount of irony is enough to make me stop asking dumb questions!!!!

Firstly, About the login real name is Jerónimo (Jerome in spanish), wich makes english speakers laugh and shout "Geronimo!", so I go Jero for short (something like Jerry in english).

Secondly, being english my second language, I have a hard time understanding fly fishing slang in english...If I´d known that skating caddis is a dry fly fished with a lot of drag...It´s something I´m an expert on and I do it all the time!!

thirdly, thanks for the steelhead patterns, but sadly there´s only landlocked trout where I live, so I have to satisfy with tiny trout in "pain in the ass" streams surrounden by spiny bushes and cactus...oh well, no wonder the place I live is called "the third world"!!

anyways, thank all you guys for the tips, each time I head out for a stream I know a little more about fly fishing than the time before.

Colorado Cajun 04-03-2007 03:35 PM

Flytyer nailed it!

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