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Slinger 03-23-2007 12:45 PM

Time to go!
Dropped the batteries in and got CantAnchorUs fired up today! A little later than I hoped, but I may get out for a shake down run this weekend. I`m sure it will uncover some things that need fixing, there allways are. Burned off the fogging oil and if I get the trailer lights working I may just avoid another $100 ticket this season. Bay temps are 42* , so that means it should be up to 45 or 46 way up on the flats,if not this weekend then next week is a guarentee of bass.

Slinger 03-24-2007 06:01 PM

Managed to get the boat splashed today. Took advantage of the fine weather and got the lights working this morning, spent a few hours cruising the river and except for the skunking I got from the fish I only found one other problem. I`ll have to replace the bilge pump, a minor inconvienence. Let the good times roll!

Slinger 04-18-2007 01:35 PM

Well it`s been 3 weeks of the most miserable spring weather I can remember since I got the boat in the water. Well behind other seasons allready. But I did use the time for a few enhancements. The new color FF is finally installed, a couple of Blue Water flyrod holders are mounted and an antena for the VHF is in place so I can finally use the radio that has been on the boat since I got it. That finishes up the wish list to turn CantAnchorUs into a lite tackle fishing machine.

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