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Hawkeye 04-24-2000 09:25 PM

Poppy and canal report
With the semi-break in the weather I couldn't resist heading out and casting about a bit. I made it to Poppy at about 5 and hiked out to the point. There were some seagulls working the shallows a bit so I felt hopeful. The wind was blowing pretty good but I managed to get the line out all right though I must admit that a winter away from casting has not dulled my skill at tying the most impressive wind knots. After about an hour of nothing I decided to sweep the beach on the way back to the truck. Again nothing but a guy I met at the parking area had just caught three schoolies on plastics off the jetty by the lot.

From there I headed over to the Bourne herring run and fished for about a half hour with my version of Juro's chicken fly. There was something really big harrassing the herring and for a bit I thought I was in luck but I think it was a seal. I decided to pack it in and though I didn't catch anything it was fun getting out.

My enjoyment of the evening soon ended when walking back to the truck I came upon two guys performing an unatural act not two steps off the path and in plain sight! Somebody please tell me I was just increadibly unlucky and that the canal is not some kind of pick-up spot. Please, please, please say it isn't so!

juro 04-25-2000 12:53 AM

RE:Poppy and canal report
I like to think that I am kinda open-minded and tolerant kind of guy, but that stuff turns my stomach. Not just because of the deviation from nature's way, but even if was heterosexual exhibitionism - there may be kids or even adults who get the wrong ideas about intimacy that is normally reserved for loving and consenting adults in the privacy of their homes.

What people do in private I don't give a damn. I think you're right in wanting people to reserve their indecent public acts for places and times when those trying to enjoy a day outdoors don't have to see it.

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