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juro 05-19-2000 09:06 PM

PI report - 5/19 pm low
Had the pleasure of coincidental run-ins with BobP and SSully tonight for the low evening tide. Numerous school bass with several 22-24", a few 26" and one on the reel taking drag that beat out all those. World class sunset at the end of the consistent action too.

Once again, unconventional tactics were the rule until the current slacked enough for normal strip retrieve techniques.
It was observable that other than the bait / jig guys the only FF'ers hooking fish consistently were those working with the current and using the sharp deep sandy drop vs. working against it. Fish behavior can be a funny thing, but figuring it out is the fun part.

Couldn't help but notice how even bait guys with waders would drag the fish way up on the beach and throw them with a triple-twisting flip and splash into the water coated with sand ten feet from shore as if to show animosity toward the fish they were having fun catching.

Action was pretty hot but only one marginal keeper in the mix caught by a drifted worm rig as far as I could see. Ssully stayed for the late bite, hope he met some big fish after sunset.

The usual cluster-duck of people crowding everyone else out elbow-to-elbow... weekends gonna be a mess!

Lefty 05-20-2000 11:36 AM

RE:PI report - 5/19 pm low
The only big fish Sully met afterdark was me. I made an impulsive blast up there after getting a late hall-pass from the commander in chief. I missed it! But we saw a fox running around the parking lot. Fishing was slow so me and the Sul-ster chatted about life. Salvaged the trip I guess.
We'll get em next time! (gee I'm saying that a lot lately).
I gotta shake this under 20" curse I got going. That's twice I missed Juro at PI.


ssully 05-20-2000 10:20 PM

RE:PI report - 5/19 pm low

Didn't that place clear out like a theatre with a fire or what. BTW that fox had four legs.

Juro the only bite after you left was the NE wind nasty.
Maybe instead of making up a pamphlete extolling the virtues of C&R we could make up some billboards like at election time. And example could be:

"Quit being a STUPID FU@K and mutilating the fish you catch" or... "Pull your head out of your ASS as hard as you yank on removing your gullett hooked clam baits and you'll see daylight soon!" or... "THIS IS A NO MASTERBAITING ZONE!"

Sorry I couldn't resist.

juro 05-21-2000 09:22 AM

RE:PI report - 5/19 pm low
(laughing out loud) Well put! It's amazing, isn't it?

I like fishing people, even in crowded places - but can't understand how the culture got to the point of punting fish into the water rolled in beach sand.

The brochure layout is almost completed. Thanks to all who contributed, there is some excellent stuff in there.

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