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Nathan Smith 06-17-2000 06:48 PM

Brewster Report
Hit Brewster flats this morning. Somewhat slow. I had 8 fish from 6:00-8:30. One cool thing did happen. I was pulling in I think my last fish of the day. It felt like a 16-18". Then all of a sudden it starts freaking out, even jumps out of the water, then I see it, It looked like a 35-40" fishing. At first I think keeper baby then as it runs in the shallow I see that it is actually a 16" striper with a 30"+ blue chopped onto it's tail. The striper breaks free one or twice, all the time I am working the fish in as fast as I can, then he breaks off. it is a shame for the striper that all his effort was for not, the blue kept at him until he got him.

juro 06-17-2000 10:35 PM

RE:Brewster Report
Guess that answers the question "are the blues on the bayside?".

I observed that stripers also eat snapper blues on numerous occasions. I even had a giant bass sniffing my snapper blue (hooked on a popping fly) all the way in. I actually fed line out to see if I could get the bass to eat the snapper... only live-lining I'd done since w-a-a-a-a-yy back.

Sounds like a real biology lesson Nate!

brad 06-19-2000 06:51 AM

RE:Brewster Report
Great tale. A friend and I were there Saturday also, fishing on the point across from the channel. We picked up 8-10 fish up to 22 inches, still smaller than last fall but alot bigger than 2 weeks ago. We caught all of our fish between 4:30 and 6:30, once the sun got onto the water we could not buy a strike. My friend got his first striper a 20 incher on his 7-weight. He realized they fight a bit harder than trout and cannot wait to visit again.

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