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Stefan S 01-13-2007 05:50 AM

12wt for Tarpon fishing???
a customer want's to fish for Cuba tarpon in may. What line weight fly rod should he bring to Cuba? Is a 10wt o.k. or better a 12wt? The travel agency tells him 12wt but I think it's really hard work to fish a 12wt all day long.
One alternative is a 10 or 12wt Winston Boron IIx the other a rod build on a 10 or 12wt Five Rivers 9' FT Blank. Any opinions?
Thanks for your help.

petevicar 01-13-2007 06:14 AM

Hi Stefan
Where in Cuba is he going?

I have fished there a number of times and caught quite a few tarpon, the biggest was about 70lbs.
I normally use an 11wt rod for my fishing but a 12 is also a good rod.
Most of the fish that I have seen in Cuba were small baby tarpon up to about 30-40lbs. These can be caught with a 9wt. however in May there will probably be a few larger migratory fish around which can get up to 100lbs plus.

Do not worry about the weight of the rod if you are sight fishing as you will only cast when you need to.
If you are fishing deeper water with sinking lines and blind casting then it is probably a good idea to go the gym for a bit of fitness training before the trip.


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