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juro 07-30-2001 08:16 PM

Forgot what a big hooknose looks like...
It's been a while. Anyone want to help me out with a recent pic?

You can email it to me if you don't have a place to post it:

mail me!

NrthFrk16 07-30-2001 09:52 PM

Hopefully I will get some pics for ya when I get back from Sitka. Im just worried about the pursuit of these fish with bugrod as lately they have gone deep and they arent even jigging for them, let alone fishing the fly. :(

juro 07-30-2001 10:28 PM

Ryan -

We've done well deep doing the following...

Using a T-series 350-400 grain, a cortland 325 grain or a Rio deep sea 350 grain etc - any line of this style, throw a modified clouser deep minnow tied with flashabou and chartruese highlights -or- a squid pattern -or- a herring pattern straight out to the side of the boat. As the boat drifts forward, allow the line to sink until it's angled off toward the rear of the boat and deep.

Retrieve slowly despite the natural tendency to rip it in for coho. Although you don't want to move it very far with each strip, jolt it pretty good to send out the signal pulse. Shock and stop. Let the boat drift move the fly for you in between jolts to keep it deep. Speed up the retrieve as the fly ascends toward the transom, tease any chasers by sight as the fly approaches the boat. Repeat.

Choosing the right drift is as important as anything else. Pick a seam where the coho are strafing bait and where the fly can be presented deep without falling to dogfish, ratfish, etc. I've done both on flies I am afraid to admit.

Unlike the random encounters of trolling, you need to seek out kelp beds on points where feeding activity is high on tide changes, large rocky outcroppings that break current up where fish can ambush bait, and work the slick lines where two major currents run alongside each other.

If you find krill, you'll find salmon. The herring gather around it and the salmon eat both the krill and the herring. My experience has been that you will also find horse mackeral around the krill, which are a kick on the fly rod but kind of anti-climatic after the initial hit.

Man I wish I could go there with you!

NrthFrk16 07-31-2001 11:05 PM

Thanks Juro for all the tips!!!!!!

The pinks have arrived and the shorelines are THICK with them little slimy buggers up there right now. Guess Ill have to bring the 5100 RPL+ and have some evening fun. :)

Eric 08-01-2001 11:02 AM

Hey, Juro,

Got millions of pictures of hooknoses. What exactly are you looking for? Got slides and some prints, which I'll scan in tonight.

Ass't Sect'y
Hooknose Society (Honest)

juro 08-02-2001 12:20 PM

Ask and thou shall receive!

My utmost thanks to Eric Bigler, Ass't Sect'y
Hooknose Society for this FIX!!!

wait for them to load... they're worth it!


Thanks Eric.

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