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NrthFrk16 07-23-2001 02:10 AM

Quick, Easy Must Have Saltwater Coho Patterns
For all you saltwater flyrod maniacs what do you believe are some must have but quick and easy patterns to tie to fish for migrating adult coho in the salt???

I wanted to get some tied up for my trip to Sitka in a couple weeks.

A major thanks to everyone in advance!!

Doublespey 07-23-2001 09:49 AM

First that comes to mind is Clousers! <G> Lots of sizes, tie in Chartruese and White, Pink & White, and Pink & Black. I'd also bring some kind of surface/floating flies and some candlefish patterns. Check the "Pacific Salmon on a Fly" book by Les Johnson et al for other good ideas.


juro 07-23-2001 10:40 AM

Ryan -

Take a look at the patterns in the SWFF fly archive

The only consideration for using any of these is to put the hook on the back half of the fly for cohos to get better hook up rates.

- Sand Lances (sand eels, candlefish)
a) epoxy sand eels, 'surf candy'
b) clouser-like sand eel patterns tied on longer hooks
c) slim jims, etc

- herring
a) deceivers
b) bigeye baitfish (Page Rogers)

- squid

- surface flies, poppers and sliders: slim jims, pencil poppers
- deerhair bunny divers

If I have time I will send a few of my favorites for you to test.


NWflyfisher 07-23-2001 10:42 AM

A baitfish pattern that you have confidence in, such as the Clouser mentioned by DoubleSpey, is killer on Coho; white/peacock angel hair in about #4 works for me.

A Flash Fly in about a size #2 is a popular choice for Alaskan Silvers as is a purple Egg Sucking Leech.

You may also want to include a few Sparkle Shrimp (pink or chartreuse in about a #4.)

Several folks have been experimenting fishing surface poppers for Silvers with great success. Including a couple in your box might provide some added excitement.

NrthFrk16 07-24-2001 11:09 PM

Thanks Everyone!!!

saltRon 07-25-2001 12:43 AM

I will put most of my money on the clouser style in colours as mentioned in previous posts and an assortment of squid style patterns such as Juros. I assume that most of your fishing will be done from the boat where the presentationof either a rising or falling bait is most effective. If you have the opportunity to drag a bucktail fly in the wake of the boat this can also be very effective.
Good Luck

PS Check Your Mail

juro 07-25-2001 09:31 AM

With the recent discussions on topwater ocean salmon flies, check out this striper pattern tied by Bob Pink of Boston...


The hook rides in the right spot, and it will provide a wounded herring facsimile in addition to the sand eel.

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