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juro 07-06-2000 08:49 AM

No nookie like chinookie?
I heard from the grapevine that blackmouth are hitting from shore on flies along the sound. Can't beat that, eh?

I would offer that there are a couple more locations to try... Bush Pt (or it's surrounding points like Fort Casey) on the incoming near the light. Use a sinking line and let the current do most of the work, twitch the fly as it swings.

Point-No-Point off the sand near the light... one of the best spots for shore chinook.

Sekiu anywhere you can get past the kelp beds from shore toward the caves at high tide mornings / evenings... big kings from the rocks.

Willapa River, channels on the bay which are 20' deep with 40 pound fish running to the river through them.

Alki Pt, West Pt areas. Magnolia Bluff area. Jeff Head. All over the place you lucky dogs!


Doublespey 07-18-2000 05:58 PM

RE:No nookie like chinookie?
Yep, I can attest that they were in along the Tacoma Narrows beach(I caught two over 20" one morning and lost 8 more) the first week in July. A friend did even better - he got a couple in that weighed 5-10lbs and lost a couple more the next morning! Then the bait moved, and the salmon followed. I've heard reports from this last weekend that anglers have connected on other beaches further north.

If you're around Seattle, you might want to try Lincoln Park. It should be getting hot soon too. Fish the tide changes, esp. early morning.

tight lines,


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