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artb 09-17-2001 09:28 PM

Bluefin Tuna 9/17/01
Pete Laviolette scores again. Today we went out on my son's boat "Mako Bound". Fishing was slow, but Pete managed to catch a school bluefin while trolling. Picture to come when Juro has the time.

jeffg 09-20-2001 12:40 PM

Cool, well done Pete. Were you guys fishing south of Block Island? I was on a trip down there a couple weeks ago and it was sloooooooooooow. One tuna hooked all day and a few sharks, none boated.

artb 09-21-2001 06:10 AM

Yes Jeff, Trolled to 30 miles south of Block, and about 20 on return. Hit every high flyer, very slow. Where they were Sunday they were not Monday.

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