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hnl 11-09-2006 06:44 AM

Which stripping guides do you use on 8wt - 9wt 9' fly rods
I have built a good number of fly fods during the past year and I used REC s.f. recoils from tip down to the d.f.strippers. For those I used mostly Fuji Ti SiC (TNSG). The problem is Fuji does not make them larger than a size 16. And I cannot find anything to match in color in the Fuji line. I could go with the stainless Fuji NSG for all three guides but I don't want any "rust" stains over time from salt water - although I am sure that is what I have on all my factory rods, and I do not have any discoloration on them - yet.
I really want to stick with the quality of Fuji. I looked at Pac Bay and they do not have anything in Ti in that size either.
All my 8wt and 9wt rods were built with a #16 stripper. I want to build on the same blank with a #20 stripper to see if there is a difference - I suspect that I will not be able to discern any difference and all this is for naught. However I would like your input how you are dealing with the question of stripper size being limited to #16.

MarkS 11-09-2006 11:16 AM

Hey Herb,

Not sure about matching colors...I gather the REC guides you are using are a silver metallic?

I'd suggest trying out the American Tackle line...I've used two of their guides (both available in a 20). There's the Titan line (titanium body with a black ceramic ring), and then there is another line of their's, the name of which I forget, that is a stainless frame with a blue ceramic ring. I've used both, with choice based on matching colors of blanks / thread...the Titans are lighter, and tend to have a bigger ID for a given ring size...Probably what I will stick with from here on out..

These guides are widely available....


hnl 11-09-2006 11:40 AM

Thanks Mark. I am not concerned with matching strippers to REC. I just do not want to use a 12 & 16 in Ti finish and the 20 in another finish.
Thanks again.

FishHawk 11-13-2006 04:55 AM

Check out Mudhole tackle. On their site they list a Fuji Ti in size 20. Also, check out Hook & Hackle he carries a lot of guides. Check out a great site with lots of info for the rodbuilder. This should help you out. Note none of these are direct links so it's ok to post this info. FishHawk.

hnl 12-14-2006 06:47 AM

Thanks. Decided to try the "V" shaped Fuji TSVSG in #16. It will give me the height of a #20.
Fuji definetly does not make a TNSG IN #20 - which is what I was trying to match.

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