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Mylo 01-25-2001 11:11 AM

Irish Salmon Anglers, bacon and cabbage...
Hi aLL
There was a big turn out for the opening day of the season on LOUGH CURRANE with over 50 anglers out in 20 boats. During the day, several Salmon kelts were landed and safely returned. A few fresh Salmon were observed in the lake by anglers but the first Salmon of the year on the lake eluded everyone on the day. Afterward, the anglers retired to the Lobster Bar in Waterville for a feed of Cabbage and Bacon, which is a tradition for many years on opening day.

For the full story go to:

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Some of the boys mentioned in the Corrib story are off to the Drowse for a go at the springers, wouldn't I love to be there, especially after reading Juro's last post. I will be spending the day at a conference. I could be looking out a window day dreaming, but then confrence centers never have windows...


juro 01-26-2001 12:13 AM

RE:Irish Salmon Anglers, bacon and cabbage...
Thanks for the report Mylo! Sounds like a great time, I would love to join in someday. I'm sure there was a snoot or two of single malts through the course of the day as well.

Please keep us informed as the season progresses.

best regards,


Mylo 01-26-2001 03:54 AM

RE:Irish Salmon Anglers, bacon and cabbage...
I'll keep you posted as the season develops. I was wondering though, what would you rate as your top six early season atlantic salmon flies?

Over here it is normally tubes (high water) and the Willy Gunn normally does the business.
Others would be stoats tail, shrimp patterns (Ally's mostly), gary dog, beltra badger...

Any thoughts?


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