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PopnesetBay 09-13-2006 09:29 PM

Hobie Outback
Looking at one and wonder if anyone using this "pedal paddle propulsion" has found that fouling a line in them is a problem when fish dives under the yak? Archived threads raised the question but I never found an answer. Anyone got any comments? Thanks


tie-dye-fly-guy 09-14-2006 12:30 AM

line issues
can be a possible problem. but very rare circumstance. most of my tangles come from flycasting and having stripping line in my lap line sometimes wrap around a pedal. its not often and usually when im not thinking where my strips are being placed. rarely has line got caught under peddle system under hull and only with a slack line and a sharp turn of the boat where i run over my slack line. actually its an easy fix as the peddle system lifts out quite easily and the line drops back. the peddle system has never cranked up the line like you are thinking and best prevention of any of this is with one foot forward the skull fins are flush to the hull. only catastrophe is hooking fly on stern handle or rudder. dont try to fix it on the water or you will learn that even an outback can turtle itself with crawling back there. best to cut the tippet or go to shore for this untanglement. i think this is same story for any yak with a rear handle or a rudder. i love my outback but if your not fat like me look at the hobie adventure, as it tracks a whole lot better and still pretty stable. the peddle system all in all is very sturdy and flawless construction in my opinion as owner for 2 years now. you can go for absolute miles in these things without ever getting tired as the muscles in legs are generally much bigger and in much better shape for low impact aerobic movements. (same resistance as walking). you may find yourself only paddling to go in reverse and when its time to beach her, otherwise its a very comfortable peddle anytime. pm if you want to know any more specifics.

Penguin 09-18-2006 06:54 PM

Outback + Adventure = Revolution...
Hobie's SUV...
The new evolution Revolution...
It's got the best of both the Outback and the Adventure...
Google Hobie Kayaks for a tour...
Check it out... :Eyecrazy:

The "propulsion system" WILL grab anything that glides past the hull...:eek:
But the speed and engineered efficiency is worth the inconvenience...
Especially for a slightly handicapped, moderately decorated, shoulder impaired, flightless bird! :roll:

PopnesetBay 09-19-2006 07:34 PM

Hobie Revolution
Lets try a septenagenerian with lower lumbar problems who can't walk more than 150 yds on the beach without stopping and waiting until the real "pain in the a$$" subsides!!:mad: Intend on checking it, the Revolution" out but wonder if it has the stability that the Outback claims to have. Would really like to be able to sit "sidesaddle" on it when casting. Any comments from someone that has owned/tried one?:confused:



Penguin 09-20-2006 08:15 AM

try before you buy...
There's a dealer in West Yarmouth...:tsk_tsk:
They let me take a cruise around Lewis Bay...:eek:
The propulsion system pushed me over the edge...:Eyecrazy:
The boat sold itself...:lildevl:

tie-dye-fly-guy 09-20-2006 09:06 AM

sidesaddle on outback
some may have better agility than i but i have had some issues sidesaddling outback. its a lil wide to put legs over each side while in recessed cockpit. much more comfortable to sit on a cooller placed in cooler slot behind cock pit. be ware any added height to this sitting position makes boat go from very stable to very unstabel. practice without fishing gear onboard as i made mistake of flipping while practicing and broke spin rod at handle from rapid capsize while rod in manufacturers hind holders. to legs over same side like in pictures i have yet to try.

PopnesetBay 09-20-2006 09:14 AM

Thanks for info

Going to be in Mashpee for 10/12 days last of Sept/early Oct and will go over to W Yarmouth and look/

Did you get all the "bells and whistles", reg or heavy duty wheels, anchor and cooler or just the Revolution? Does it car-top easily?

Too many questions, not enough time!

Thanks for the input.


Penguin 09-20-2006 11:08 AM

Pizza Delux...
(hold the anchovies)...:confused:
I've just ordered the Mirage Revolution Fish...
Sturgis Boat Works has a basic Outback demo...
The "Fish" edition comes all tricked out...(see hobiecat web site)
Well made but hernia HEAVY...
HullyRollers on the roof rack make loading/unloading much more user friendly...

Lewis Bay is just down the road...
One way or prepared to get wet...better bring a sweater and a PFD! :wink:

Adrian 09-20-2006 12:11 PM

Wait a minute...

What's this I see? ? :Eyecrazy:

Penguins gonna get wet again? ??? :Eyecrazy: :Eyecrazy:

Awesome Pete!:D :D :D

Looking forward to seeing the new phishing platform

Welcome back to the dark-side :smokin:

p.s. I was very impressed watching guys fishing from them in the J'Bay tourney earlier this year.

GregD 09-29-2006 08:03 AM

Hobie outback cracking

I have been thinking about getting one of these too. I did just receive this note about them.

Hobie Outback and Adventure owners should be aware that there have been some issues with cracks in the drive area of these kayaks. Hobie has done a great job replacing these cracked hulls and designing a fix kit that prevents the crack from happening. Hobie has extended the warranty coverage on these kayaks to 4 years from 2 with 100% coverage. Affected serial numbers are A3753 through F2853 or an Adventure with serial numbers D0001 through D1875 Contact the place you bought it so they can forward the info on to Hobie.


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