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juro 08-20-2006 12:37 PM

Not just what you cook...
but what you cook IN that matters

I found the pans I had (albeit quite expensive in their day) were causing me to cook with more olive oil than I wanted and also caused the Land-O-Lakes Healthy Start fat and cholesterol free egg to stick.

I picked up a set of saute' pans from Costo, three sizes from Bialetti.


First of all a tablespoon of light olive oil is too much for most things, like a salmon filet or an omelet.

The food slides right off into the dish just like the commercials, even cheese. Ironically the glass covers from my old set fit perfectly on the new pans to boot.

They wash up with no effort in fact the spatula is twice the work of the pan to clean it seems.


they have rubber handles so I can't do the stovetop to oven trick to finish a thick piece of meat or broil a fritatta to a souffle lightness after browning


$19.99 for the set

I think I can afford to use them as saute only for that price! I'll save the old pans with metal handles for the range to oven switcheroos.

Makes eating like and tasty a lot easier for a great price.

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