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juro 08-07-2006 09:17 AM

Proper Bonito - Tataki
Now that bonito season is coming to the temperate regions of the Atlantic coast, you might try the traditional tataki method... that's how they eat it in Japan and it's my favorite sushi when done right.

Bleed immediately, clean and ice. Fillet in lengthwise quarters.

On a very hot grill, sear the outside. Have some icewater mostly ice, some water, crushed or flake best ready.

Drop the meat into the icewater as soon as the outside is grilled.

In a bowl cover paper-thin slices of white onion in ponzu sauce, available at any oriental food store. Stir the wasabi ahead of time.

Remove from ice and slice the meat cross-sectionally, lay like fallen dominos on a suitable serving plate. Place onions over slices and pour the ponzu sauce over.

Garnish with fresh chopped green onion and ideally the sliced crisp garlic flakes (also available at store).

The best sushi bars place some of those tiny and thin daikon shoots there too, also available at 'real' oriental food stores. These are about the diameter of a mechanical pencil lead and stacked with the sprout side up like a little haystack next to the wasabi. They have a little bit of the daikon radish bite to them and really pull the taste all together.

Dollup of wasabi on the side.


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