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Bob Pauli 08-05-2006 11:52 PM
Tom Keelin has opened a new web site,

Its purpose is to provide a repository for scientifically based research on the subject of fly fishing. It is not a competitor of SpeyPages, FlyFishingForum or other internet sites. does not seek financial support.

We solicit for publication data based research and related technical papers, the type of article that fly fishing magazines avoid as "too technical" and that are unsuitable for inclusion in this type of forum.

Take a look. There is a wealth of interesting information.

If you have research data and/or a technical paper that fits the site's goals, please submit for publication
Flyfishingresearch's Mission:

To enhance fly fishing enjoyment, learning, and effectiveness
through science, research and publication

Our mission includes the investigation of facts to form theories; the development or revision of theories in light of facts, data, or scientific analyses; and the translation of theory into practical application toward the betterment of fly fishing.

Our research findings are independent. Our views are expressed freely and openly. We attribute credit to others where credit is due. We neither seek nor avoid mentioning equipment manufacturers by name -- as their products are essential to our mission.

juro 08-07-2006 09:25 AM

Bob -

I wish you and Tom the best with this mission and appreciate the courteous nature in which you made this announcement only after checking with me.

I think we could use something like this and I will visit often.

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