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Radical1 07-30-2006 06:04 PM

Begginer Fly Fisherman
Hi! Just wanted to say hello to everyone!

I live in sunbury, pa and am going to buy a fly fishing kit, Its a 8 1/2 foot 6 wt with double tapered line and i believe a 9 foot leader. I fish a lot of places like penns creek and ares of the susquehanna river like fibra (fiber) dam and just walking down from there. For this rod, what flies are going to be my best bet? Someone suggested woolly buggers and a few dry flies and nymphs. Any suggestions?

This is my first time fly fishing so im just buying the 30 dollar kit so try to find something that will work with the rod, i am on a budget.

Thanks so much.


juro 07-30-2006 10:10 PM

I assume since youre on the susquehanna you are going for bronzebacks, so for flies I would say go with woolly buggers, small clouser minnows (developed for this fishery) and muddler minnows letting them create wakes on the surface in the morning and evening.

Smallmouth on the fly are fantastic!!

teflon_jones 07-30-2006 11:18 PM

Welcome to the forum! :)

Woolly buggers are a great fly to start with. I prefer something with some flash in it like a sparkle bugger for smallmouth rather than strictly an original style woolly bugger. Oh, and bead head gets it down where you want it. A couple of other flies to try are a sneaky pete and small poppers, though in the heat of summers they're not as good as something like the bead head bugger that gets the fly down IMHO. Stick to the sneaky pete and poppers in the spring and fall.

Dry flies and nymphs are great for trout, but not for smallmouth. They prefer larger prey. A crayfish fly is also a good bet.

worstcaster 08-02-2006 11:55 AM

With the weather as hot as its been a large hopper pattern might work well.

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