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Nomad 07-20-2006 03:28 PM

Buying Flies Online
I recently discovered it is much cheaper to buy flies online, which is probably old news to most of you. But anyway, I am trying to find a site where I can buy small clouser minnows, size 8, by the dozen or half dozen. My searches haven't produced any results. So can someone point in the right direction.

Oh yeah... I know I should learn to tie my own.

Dble Haul 07-21-2006 10:29 AM

Any decent online flyshop should have what you are looking for. But be careful about flies being cheaper......very often, you get what you pay for.

Adrian 07-21-2006 10:51 AM

You could check out eBay. There seem to be few tiers out there and the feedback system should help avoid the pitfalls Mark refers to.

I learned very early on that you get what you pay for and have tied my own ever since.

teflon_jones 07-21-2006 10:41 PM

I bought a bunch of flies off eBay but stopped that after about 10 purchases. As Adrian and Mark said, you get what you pay for. A bunch of the cheap flies I bought off eBay looked ok when I got them, but ended up coming apart before I ever used them! They looked ok when I got them so I left positive feedback, but they didn't hold up. So I wouldn't exactly trust the feedback system entirely. You don't know how well a fly is really going to do until you fish it, and most of the time the feedback you see is left when the person gets the flies and before they ever get a chance to use them.

I'll stick to buying my flies at my local shop from now on. Cheaper flies aren't really cheaper if they fall apart...

Nomad 07-22-2006 10:53 PM

Thanks for the replies, especially about how you get what you pay for. But I just decided to tie my own, without aid of fly tying tools. I think the wrap could be tighter and neater.

What do you think?

flyjkol 07-23-2006 01:13 AM

I wish my first flies were that good :Eyecrazy:
Excelent tying for a newbie.... keep it up and you just fill your box and catch some fish while at it..... ;)

Dble Haul 07-23-2006 08:58 PM

I have every confidence that that clouser will catch fish. You should have the same amount of confidence in it too. :wink:

flytyer 07-24-2006 04:14 PM


The best way to get flies by the dozen of a pattern and size is from someone who is a tyer, whether he is a professional or a very good amateur who is willing to tie them for you. Be forewarned, the price won't be cheap, it will be about or a little more than what fly shops sell them for; but they will be high quality and you will be able to get whatever color you wish.

Galong 08-20-2007 05:53 AM

I recently ran across this website (contact if interested) There are also links to other tiers who sell flies that are inexpensive... but I have not bought any flies from these guys in Chiang Mai yet. I will soon and I'll let you know how they turn out.

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mikez 08-20-2007 08:56 AM

You might as well go ahead and break down and buy some tying gear. it's part of the natural progression of this debilitating disease.:hihi:
Before you know it tying will take on a life of its own. soon you'll be attempting to add to your list of fish caught on "Your Own" flies. Next you start bugging your hunting friends for bucktails and wood duck feathers. You'll know you're "there" when you start taking home road kill.;)
If nothing else, it keeps you busy in the winter time.

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