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gunner 07-14-2006 06:15 PM

Striper leaders
Titleguy and I took speycasting lessons this past weekend, and it was suggested that we use short leaders for heavy striper flies. So the question is, how short of a leader do you use to haul up big/heavy striper flies on a speyrod? Someone suggested 4 feet, but that seems awful short.

juro 07-14-2006 07:40 PM

Couple of questions...

You are Spey casting for stripers correct? What type of line (sink/float/intermediate) and fly (hook size/design) do you want to use?

Sinking tips and lines really don't need any more than a few feet of leader. Not just the leader but the line design itself impacts the ability to cast up striper sized flies.

The Skagit systems are generally most capable of throwing big flies because these Spey lines concentrate the grains in a more stout, shorter section of line thus dissipating less energy for the sake of finesse like long belly lines.

The leader is an important thing to consider, but first think of the line type and fly, then the line system, then the rod to match the line system, then finally the leader.

Where / who did you take the lessons from?

gunner 07-15-2006 08:49 AM

We took lessons sponsored by an Orvis flyshop in Fairfield Maine. The main instructor was Jim Rusher of Orvis; the second instructor's first name was Kevin, but I forgot his last name. They taught the basics very well. Both seem to use their spey casting for Atlantic salmon in Gaspe or trout, not stripers.
Right now I am using floating lines with a short furled sinking leader followed by a fluro leader. I'm picking up a Windcutter versa tip today and will get a skagit head line later per Bob Meiser's recommendations for one of my rods that I got from him.
Generally the flies I use are in the 2 to 2/0 range -- deceivers, clousers, grocery pollock flies, some lobster flies, etc

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