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TheNewGuy 07-11-2006 01:07 PM

The New Guy...
Hey there everyone,

I, like all of you before me, have discovered the amazing sport of fly fishing. I am not a novice in the sport, but am also by no means an expert. My exprience in the world of fly fishing consists of around 4 or so outings with friends, and a proffessional guide or two down the eagle river in colorado.

I know most of the basics to fly fishing and am finally looking to buy a rod of my own. All of my fishing (for now) will be done in the Northwest, mainly Oregon, but also Colorado and California. I am looking for a nice rod and reel (only one for now, heh) I was thinking probably a 6 weight. I was hoping that you guys could recommend some good rods/reels to me, keeping the price around $800 or so.

I was also wondering what the difference between a 2 peices, 3 peice, 4 piece is. Obviously I know its the number of pieces the rods disassembles into, but I was wondering what the pros and cons (if there are any at all) of a 4 piece vs a 2 piece. Lastly, does the height of the rod matter at all?

Thanks much guys,

Eddie 07-11-2006 08:15 PM

Rods with less pieces generally cast a little better, but most people apreciate the convienience of a 4pc. pc rods from a good mfg will cast great.

I think that a 9' 5wt is about the perfect all around western trout rod.

Go to your local shop and check out a bunch of out fits. Cast the different rods and buy local. You will save little by shopping online, and the services provided by a good shop are well worth what difference there might be.

Finally, I recomend the Sage XP with a Ross Cimeron reel and Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout line. That should be a pretty good set up for about 800 bucks.

Maybe get a 100 dollar reel and a 50 dollar casting lesson.

juro 07-12-2006 07:02 AM

Welcome newguy!

Can't top Eddie's recommendation (a heck of a combo) but I can add that some guys like a 9'6" for a little more reach from float tubes, but they will pay the price when bushwacking.

If you fish more from float tubes than trekking in woods, you might consider that. If you do the opposite, I have a 8.5ft 5wt that I find much easier to bushwack with as well as roll cast in tight quarters for small streams.

As a compromise, what Eddie said.

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