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Feiger 07-07-2006 09:32 PM

1st trip to Baja...
Looking for some in put from some Baja veterans in regards to tackle, flies, etc. This October, I make my first trip to Baja, going w/ some co-workers who've gone 8-40 times... But most w/ out flyrods...
Fishing around La Paz. Will be there the 13-21st of October. daily itinerary is morning through early afternoon out on the blue water in Panga's and a buddy's boat, evenings on the beach fishing the surf.
I'm looking at the beach stuff for my primary flyfishing adventure (roosterfish, plus what ever else is found in that water), but am also interested in some lighter blue water stuff (dolphin/mahi mahi, etc.).
right now, I have an 8 wt. 9 1/2' Sage RPL that I use for my annual Texas redfish trips, as well as coho pursuits in alaska and washington. Am getting the feeling that's undergunning for most of the fishing, so am looking at building a 10 1/2' Beulah switch rod, thinking the 9/10 wt. Thoughts?? other recommendations?
what are my rod needs given my proposal? what lines do I want to have (shooting head systems? intermediate lines? floaters?)? Fly recommendations???
Thanks for your help!!!

juro 07-08-2006 07:01 AM

First of all read the article by the venerable Bob Veverka on our Destinations section

I would think that a stout single hander in a 10/11wt would be handy if you are going to pursue bull dorado or small tuna. Tim Rajeff's Echo series are very impressive as are TFO if you want to keep the investment reasonable.

The switch would help from shore or where big grains and long shots are needed. I have found two-handers from a boat to be great tools provided they are not over 11ft long with the proper handle config. I designed a rod to have the top grip to tip be about the same as the single hander grip to tip but handle twice the grains with less effort. I found it to have distinct advantages in certain situations.

I'd think hard about the reel you bring as well, these fish don't mess around once hooked.

Feiger 07-09-2006 04:01 PM

The beulah blank I'm looking at is 10 1/2' so that should work well... How long of a grip do you put on your front grip, and your back? just curious...
Reel wise, I have an affinity for Ross, and a BG-7 on my spey rod, and am looking at the BG-6 for this one. That would give me 300 yds of 30 lb easy.

Looks like lines are a combo of intermediates and floaters depending upon presentation. should be easy to handle...


Adrian 07-10-2006 01:34 PM

When I was there in October a couple of years back the fishing was spotty but when it was good it was awesome.

For Blue Water from a boat , stout is definitely better if there are any tunoids about - and there probably will be..They always end up under the boat and with 1200ft of depth to play with you'll appreciate a bit of lifting power. I would suggest 12wt minimum (I carry a 13-15 Loomis GL3 that is surprisingly easy to cast). Expect to see a few sailfish and possibly striped Marlin. This is definitely not finesse fishing :lildevl:

From shore your options are more varied. In fact your 8wt would be fine for the smaller Jacks & ladyfish. If the Sierra mackerall are in they are a blast from the beach. If you're looking to target Roosters then a double hander would be my choice. They move pretty fast and you'll probably only get one shot and it could be long-range.

For flies the Sardina is "king". Bob's article has a nice pattern.

Feiger 07-10-2006 09:28 PM

I think I have a bead on a 12 wt to borrow. don't know how many blue water trips I'll ever make, so don't really desire to purchase a rod. I have a BG-7 reel that I can load w/ running and backing plus a shooting head to cover that need tho... We'll see... Maybe Ebay Santa will deliver!!

The guys I'm going w/ have been going annually for the better part of the last 25 years... they have a pretty good idea what's going on, hoping we get lucky and everything is dialed in!!


Philster 07-16-2006 07:40 PM

Hey Feiger

For the beach you will be covered rod wise, and I've fished the beaches there for years with Lamson LP 3.5s so your Ross will be MORE than adequate because most of what you hit off the beaches will be of the bull dog variety, pargo around the rocks, Jacks primarily, pompano, ladyfish, some small roosters if you can really move the heck out of your fly. A big rooster off the beach will mostly be a matter of luck, but it does happen. Intermediates and fast sinking will cover everything, unless you like throwing poppers then you'll want a floater. Fish there aren't quite the followers stripers are, but you still generally need more strips on a surface bug than an intermediate will give you. basically stick to the sinkers for most work, switch to the intermediate over shallow rocks. I've also gone entire trips with just intermediate both off the beach AND bluewater.

Fly selection off the beach is simple as you want to make it. brown and white, chartreuse and white, and olive and white flashtail clousers in 6, 4, and 2 will keep you going the whole time, but there are times when "clear" flies matter. Doesn't have to be surf candies or jiggys, can be ultra hair clousers, but things in the "smoke" color, or very pale purple and such things can really be the ticket if your bushy clousers aren't drawing attention. There have been times when the only thing that draws the big jacks and Roosters are big Cotton Candies. A real bitch to cast, but the big switch rod and teeny type line will do you good. You'll know if you need to throw stuff like that if you see roosters or jacks cruising through the breakers with ladyfish in their mouths :chuckle:

So much more to add... Let me know if you want more. Also if you do go bluewater, I might consider "renting" you some flies. Basically send you my kit, and you send it back after the trip, only paying for what you lose or wear out.

Feiger 07-20-2006 10:30 PM

I may take you up on that offer! much appreciated!
Thanks for the additional info. in regards to sinkers and intermediates, got any specific recommendations as far as tapers?? What grains on the Teeny lines? appreciate your input!!

Philster 07-21-2006 11:40 AM

Hey Feiger

Depends on the rod of course. For single hand rods, two of my favorite combos are a 300 grain on an eight weight, and a 400 on a ten. The ten sounds light, but you really arent' booming casts straight out! Classic west coast surf fishing, looking for trenches and structure, you know? Check out the net. Places like Sierra Trading post often have Orvis Depth charges for around $35 Great lines. Heck try orvis' web site while your at it. You can of course use shooting heads, I just cast better with full lines, and since distance isn't usually a factor, I might as well be comfortable and have less tangles... I can probably help you out on lines too. Have a decent selection from 300 to 500... They are tough. Don't tend to wear out.

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