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FLStan 06-20-2006 01:50 PM

Finally, my new boat is ready...
I'm cutting out of work early this Friday to pick up my new boat, fully outfitted to my specs. It's a new Action Craft 1890 with a 150 Hp Yamaha 4-stroke. I used it two weeks ago when I purchased it and I was down in Pine Island with my wife but it needed to be dropped off after the trip for rigging. Not accepting any compromises, I opted to get a 24V Motorguide with 60" shaft with an in floor on/off switch, compass, on-board 3-bank charger, VHF, Stereo (for the wife), Power Pole with remote, spare tire with spare hub and axle assembly mounted on trailer with lock and GPS Depth sounder (Lowrance 332C) with a thru hull transducer and a separate temperature probe. The boat already had trim tabs and a jack plate installed which sweetened the good deal I had gotten on it

My buddy, Mike, and I plan on giving the newly upgraded rig a good workout, fishing the Stewart, FL area this weekend for snook at night and running the beach in the morning for tarpon. Next week, I'll let you know how I do.


Smcdermott 06-20-2006 02:10 PM


Sounds like an awesome rig and one I wish I had on the Cape flats this weekend. I love my boat and think it does really offer a great comprimise for the Northeast but presented challenges in the skinny stuff. With unlimited funds I would definitely own two rigs. I keep going back and forth on the trolling motor so please let us know how you like the Motorguide.


FLStan 06-21-2006 07:39 AM

Trolling Motors
My previous boat had a trolling motor on it and it was a Motor Guide. Also, I couldn't fish without one. If I were you and you are serious about fishing I would definitely make the investment. As of what I've learned over the many years of boating with trolling here's a couple of things I would recommend:
  • Go with a 24V system, they are much more efficient due to less current draw for the same output (less I^2R losses).
  • Get an on board charger, just plug it in at the end of the day and forget about it.
  • Make sure you have a harness professionally made or, if you choose to DIY, then make shore you use tinned wire and soldered connections.
  • Use no other than Marinco plugs/connectors.
  • Get as long a shaft as possible for the simple reason that you don't want the prop head clearing the water in a chop when the bow is bobbing up and down.
  • Install an in-deck on/off switch, this will allow for hands free operation without having to go to the unreliable remote controlled models.
  • Get a Bounce Buster if going with Motor Guide, its a simple device from Motor Guide that stabilizes the head when underway and saves the motor from excessive vibration.

I know a lot of people are anti-trolling motor for whatever reason but the simple fact that it allows the captain more fishing time is worth every penny!

juro 06-21-2006 07:44 AM

Sean -

I have a 3hp sw sealed minnkota riptide I would part with for short money. Let's talk if you are interested.

it is not 24v though

Smcdermott 06-21-2006 08:04 AM

Pros and Cons

For me I definitely see the pros when fishing estuaries and moving around on the flats in the Northeast. The cons for me is that is only 50% at best of the fishing I do. Other times I will be further offshore in some decent chop at times and would think that the trolling motor could present a real hindrance when fighting a fish that decides to run around the bow. Now I have seen quick release mounts at least for the Minn Kota models but I understand while lighter today they are still rather heavy to be taking on and off on a regular basis. The second con for me would be giving up some of the limited storage I have today for additional batteries. The most likely space currently holds my stern anchor rode and docking lines. My solution may end up being the lenco trolln'tabs at some point but my understanding is that they have had reliability issues in the past.


FLStan 06-22-2006 07:05 AM

Trolling Motors...
Hey Sean,

I've fought many big fish off the bow and a trolling motor isn't that much of a hindrance. If it's in the way while I'm playing a fish I just lift out of the water.

As far as space goes there is not many ways around it, you can use smaller batteries and not the class 27's that most people use. Also, a lot of people mount their batteries under the center console, this is something you may want to consider...


Nick 07-07-2006 06:59 AM


I'd be interested in that motor possibly... Stern mount? I've got a mount on my boat just waiting to get used...


juro 07-07-2006 07:05 AM

Nick -

It's in great shape, I might have used less than 6 times and only once in salt but it's the Minnkota Riptide series. I have a little Honda gas weedwacker now, which takes 1 gallon of gas under the cover and runs for a couple of days on that so no battery weight in the canoe. It pushes my little dory across Walden Pond like lightning. Spare prop as well.

Yes stern mount.

Nick 07-07-2006 12:55 PM

PM's are full Juro...

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