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juro 04-24-2000 02:54 PM

Albright Knot
<center><b>Tying the Albright Knot</b>
<font size="1">This knot joins backing to the flyline.</font><!--1--></center>

<center>[img]" border="0">
Double the end of the fly line as shown.</center>

<center><img src="" border="0">
insert the backing through the loop, then wrap it around
the flyline (and itself) starting well up the loop
working back toward the bend...</center>

<center><img src="" border="0">
...making sure you wrap at least 10-12 times (shown simplified),
but leave a little gap at the end of the loop...</center>

<center><img src="" border="0">
... to thread the end of the backing into.</center>

<center><img src="[/img]
Work the loops to tighten evenly and pull hard on both
tag and backing to close the knot. Trim the tag end and fly line</center>

<center><font size="1">Drawings by Juro Mukai, Copyright 4/2000 (all rights reserved)</font><!--1--></center>

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