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SteelBoneguy 05-25-2006 10:41 AM

Playa Del Carmen? Guides Mexico
I'm going to Playa Del Carmen for a wedding in July. I've never been to Mexico. Got the Ok from the wife to get a guide for a day. I'm thinking of hiring a guide out of Ascension, I've heard for a 100 bucks they'll do transportation come pick you up and drive you back to the resort.

Anyone done this?

Also any rec. any guides?

Things I should be aware of?

Safety concerns?

Flies I should tye?

ANY information will be appreciated!! Thanks:)

Adrian 05-25-2006 12:18 PM

Long time since I fished Ascension Bay - too long! But we were there in July.

I would recommend long pants when wading. There's some sort of water-flea that can play hell with your thighs and any other exposed parts :whoa: - not serious but not pleasnat either.

When the sun goes down the bugs come out in force so take plenty of deet.

Out on the flats be ready for permit at any time. You might see schools of smaller sickle tails on the flats or some serious bruiisers cruising along the edges. If you have the guide to yourself and have a spare rod you can be ready and rigged for any eventuality. Take crab flies!

Otherwise the usual gotchas and shrimp variants in 6s and 4s should see you well.

Not sure what the status of the guides is these days. When we were there about 10 years ago, they knew where the fish were but didn't know much about flyfishing which suited us fine. Things have probably changed a lot since then.

Out front in the surf you might have a shot at Tarpon. They run the beaches in July and August.

Coach15 05-29-2006 02:34 PM

I went to Playa last year as well, and fished in Cozumel with Capt Alex Euan
It's a lot closer to Playa, and I think taxi and ferry cost around $45. I was there in early June and caught 10 bones, and a few barracudas in about 4 hrs. Alex did a great job, and I highly recommend looking him up!
I believe his web site is

hmaadd 05-29-2006 03:12 PM

I was in Playacar in May. Best vacation I've ever had. Mexico Is a wonderful place. Stayed at RIU palace Mexico. No where to fish from beach to many people from sun up to sun down. I also fished with Alex Euan in Cozumel. He is a very intense guide. Had a great time. Caught 4 bones 10 barracudas and a small permit very unusual for those flats. Next year I will probably go to boca paila or Ascension bay. Boca Paila would take about the same amount of time and money to get there. They say the road to ascension bay is rough. The road from the pier in cozumel to the north end of the island was rough and it only took about 15 minutes I couldn't imagine being on a road like that for 2 hours. (deeeeep pot holes) Have fun several great options safety shouldn't be a concern

L'aigret 05-30-2006 08:23 AM

Playa del Carmen bonefishing
You're right about the $100 for round-trip transportation. That's for the ride only. A day's guided fishing goes for about $350. I fished with Pesa Maya ( in March. They did a good job in lousy condsitions--high winds and overcast.

The ride is in a beat-up van and takes nearly three hours each way. A better alternative might be to rent a car for a day and drive down and back. It's faster and would be more comfortable. THe outfitter can give you driving directions.

Take Crazy charlies and pink and white and Merkin crabs in tan.

Have fun1

SteelBoneguy 05-30-2006 11:48 AM

I'm thinking of doing the Pesca Maya route where they come pick up at the resort. I'm not to wild about the idea of driving a car in Mexico and w/ this being a longer drive, I don't feel like getting lost, or having car trouble. At least the driver will be able to speak Spanish for me..

Cozumel sounds realy nice but I like the idea of getting away from town, to a more secluded area. Have heard great things about Pesca Maya and Ascension bay want to see it first hand.

Any other tid bits of info would be great. Will for sure be bring long sleeve shirts and pants to help ward off biting bugs.. Will be tying a ton of bone flies..

Heard Charlies and gotchas.. Any other patterns?

Thanks for helping so far everyone. Any other tips would be great.


Adrian 05-30-2006 02:13 PM


Originally Posted by SteelBoneguy

Heard Charlies and gotchas.. Any other patterns?


Permit Flies - Crab patterns and some of the newer patterns referenced here recently :D

hmaadd 05-31-2006 12:13 PM

used merkin crab tan and clouser white and chart w/ red lead eyes

wrx_canoe 05-31-2006 10:46 PM

I did the Pesca Maya thing in January. Stayed at Barcelo Maya.

They said they'd pick me up at 6:30am...driver and newer white Ford van was there at 6:25am. Drive was a little over 2 hours. The dirt road wasn't bad at the time for me.

Lodge is first rate. Hot breakfeast was ready for me and my guide (Luis) in uniform set-up all my gear and looked at my fly boxes and picked the flies.

Unfortunately the day was really windy (about 20-25mph). I saw lots of fish but due to my lousy casting only landed 2. Fished out of fly fishing friendly Pangas.

Great experience. Very pricey but for my situation it was worth it (never been bonefishing before).

Good luck in your decision.

hmaadd 06-01-2006 06:44 AM

That sounds like a great trip. Did you see any permit or tarpon. They say the road is getting better.

wrx_canoe 06-26-2006 11:17 PM


Not sure if you're asking me about seeing permit and tarpon.

My guide Luis said he thinks he saw one permit due to a very large wake which bones usually don't make.

We didn't target tarpon so I didn't see any...however another boat that day did land one around 40lbs...also a large ladyfish.

SteelBoneguy 07-17-2006 10:38 AM

Friends! I've been gearing up, tying flies, put on all the ole salt lines back on the reels. I've leave for Mexico THRUS! Thanks for all the replies and advice.

Any last minute advice? Shoot away!

I can't wait I'm so excitied. Hope weather and fish cooperate.

I will for sure post a complete report w/ pics.


juro 07-17-2006 10:42 AM

We'd love a report with pics upon return!

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