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trutta 08-28-2000 01:25 PM

Un-stucking ferrules
Here are two methods to separate really stuck ferrules:

Method 1 (alone): place rod behind your knees; close knees together; grip each rod segment tightly with one hand (at the ferrule); separate knees and the rod will come apart.

Method 2 (with partner): Instead of each partner holding one segment and pulling to separate, each takes a hold of a rod segment (there will be one hand of each on each segment), and then each one pulls both hands apart at the same time. You're basically doubling the force applied in the separation process. Works well.

Applying candle wax to the male ferrule will help sections stay together when assembled, and makes it easier to pull them apart at the end of the fishing sessions.

striblue 08-28-2000 07:42 PM

RE:Un-stucking ferrules
I have used another method that you can do alone. Get two pieces of a rubber type material and grip the two sections of the rod and pull. This will usually make certain that the guides don't get damaged. The substance can be found with a little experimentation.It would be similar to the type of material you would use to open jars to get a non slip grip.

juro 08-29-2000 08:54 AM

RE:Un-stucking ferrules
Great info!

I also use pure parrafin wax, 50 cents for a ten year supply at any grocery store. You rub it on the male ferrule before inserting into... get your mind out of the gutter!.

Because I carry a industrial grade pair of rubber gloves for fish cleaning in my truck, I've usually got a good pair of grippers in case I didn't use the parrafin and have a good day on the water. It seems the hardest times I've had to take ferrules apart have been after big fish who have contorted the rod under force.

TinMan 01-31-2001 03:14 PM

RE:Un-stucking ferrules
Just curious, how hard/tight should the pieces be put together? I've never had a problem getting my rods apart which leads me to believe that maybe they're not tight enough?

juro 01-31-2001 04:36 PM

RE:Un-stucking ferrules
A few cases where my ferrule got stuck...

a) 30-ish pound tidewater chinook on an 8wt single hander landed, released - couldn't get the rod apart before work so I had to drive with it partially out the window
b) replacement half after rod breakage never fit right, any use without a separating agent on this rod is risky
c) used the 9wt striper rod without ferrule treatment for a long time and one day it got stuck bigtime

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