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perrotoro5 05-04-2006 06:20 AM

Expertise help to Europe
Hi everyone,
IŽm a fly fishing fanatic from Spain, who just started fly fishing last year. From that time until now, I had been using a friend of mine equipment. Last week I had decided to get my own rod, so I went to a sage deller. I was adviced by this same friend to get a sage fli, 9 feet, line 6, 4 pieces. When I got to the shop this seller offered me a deal: he said that he had a sage vps, 3 pieces, 9 feet ( but it was line 4) that was better quality than the fli series, for the same price. He explaned to me that the rod was on sale because the new vts series had replaced it, but they were only 4 grames heavier, and they were excelent rods, and that I could check that at the forums. I was a little blinded by that deal and I took it, whitout realising that it was line 4, which I did realized when I got home.

I talked to my fishing friend and he said that he had always used line 6, and that I would be in trouble with that line 4 in wide rivers.

So I went back to that shop explaining my concerns over my choice of a line 4, and this seller told me not to worry that for Spain where most rivers are not so wide there is no problem, for foreing wide and windy rivers that would be a different story. So when I mentioned a river where IŽll be going sometimes which is fairly wide, he claimed that he goes often to that same river ( which I believe because he showed me pictures of him in that river, and he owns a shop near by, where he needs to go often, and that I knew before I went to his shop). He said that he always use a line 3, and he is even capable of using streemers with that line. He told me not to worry and that I had made the correct choice.

Well is not that I doubt of his sincerity and intentions, but I think that he might be wrong,and for me is more versatyl a sage fli, line 6( he does not have a vps line 6).

Please answer me as fast as you can, IŽm open to all kins of views, but I nedd to know quick if I have to return this rod and change it back for a fli.


juro 05-04-2006 06:26 AM

Three questions:

- How far do you need to cast?

- How large are the flies you need to cast?

- How big are the fish you will be catching?

- How bad is the wind?

(OK that's four!)

Welcome to the Forum!

perrotoro5 05-05-2006 03:37 AM

My kind of fishing

IŽll be fishing motly on small/medium rivers, only occasionally in large rivers, there are very feww windy days, and I only fish trouts.


perrotoro5 05-05-2006 03:38 AM

My kind of fishing

IŽll be fishing mostly on small/medium rivers, only occasionally in large rivers, there are very feww windy days, and I only fish trouts.


BLACK FRANCIS 05-05-2006 05:32 AM

i would say you are a little undergunned for your water description. as an overall everyday rod the 4 would be on the light end with the 6 being the heavy end. whatever the situation the shop should be listening to you and selling you the rod you want not just the rod they have on hand.

juro 05-05-2006 05:55 AM

Black Francis gives great advice.

For small rivers, dries and small wets, trout of reasonable size with 40-60ft casts in mild wind the 4wt would be a pleasure. However if the 6wt angling friend fishes the same waters, one would have to assume there is a calling for the bigger stick (?)

It's hard to guess without knowing your waters but it's readily apparent why the 5wt fits so well into the trout fishing niche.

Maybe since the seller has a 4wt of his own he might lend it to you for the day you could take it for a road test and make a judgement on your own.

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