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juro 05-03-2006 07:59 PM

Jump start in the morning
Have to talk about a great breakfast juice I recently discovered on a west coast business trip - KNUDSEN's Very Veggie. It offers a great tasting juice without the high sugars and with a lot more to offer than many juices. If you ever look at the carb count in the typical fruit juices you'd realize it's a major source of storable carbohydrates (read: fattening). I do the v8 low sodium for health but I have to say it's not the best tasting. Recently I tried a small bottle of Knudsen's and WOW. I wanted to put a shot of vodka in it and a celery stick it tastes so good.

Not like a cheap bloody mary mix but it would make a very impressive one for sure. People would ask if it's homemade. As a breakfast juice it offers 22mg of Lycopene (fights prostate cancer) with only 50 calories, 9g effective carbs which will be easy to burn, lots of veggie goodness and pleasant to drink. I haven't tried the low Sodium version but I want to try that, veggie juices are lower in sugars and offer some fiber and a different mix of nutrients than fruit juices but they do generally have a fair amount of sodium.

Really a great find! Just the thing to wash down the multi-vitamin and fiber capsules down with your high protein low carb / low calorie / low fat breakfast - for instance an egg white and brocolli omelet with a slice of canadian bacon; handful of almonds instead of bread and coffee for the road!

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MTherrien 07-11-2006 07:19 AM

I have to admit I love this stuff also and I will attest to the fact that it does make a great bloody mary!!! The have a spicy mix that they sell that simplifies the mix and is just as good in the morning sans the vodka! :biggrin:

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