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SteelBoneguy 05-01-2006 01:15 PM

Whats your Bone Rod/Reel?
I'm curious what everyone fishes for bones.

Rod: St.Croix Legend Elite 9ft 8wt 5 pc. Reel: Abel Super 8, holds 8 wt line 200yds of backing.

Bone line usually the slow int sinking SA bonefish line, its a couple of years old.

joebe 05-01-2006 01:42 PM

TFO Proffesional Series 9 1/2' 8 weight Teton TIOGA 10LA 200 yards 30 lb backing

juro 05-01-2006 02:51 PM

T&T H2 4pc 7wt, Danielsson 6nine and SA, RIo or Wulff floating Bonefish line; backup Sage RPLXi 5pc 8wt, Danielsson 7ten with same floating lines in 8wt.

SteelBoneguy 05-01-2006 03:05 PM


How do you like that TT, I've been around the Fly fish world for sometime but never have heard of a Danielsson reel. Fill me in when you get sometime.

BigDave 05-01-2006 03:31 PM

9'8wt XP + Bauer M5SL + Bermuda Triangle

9'7wt XP + Tibor Backcountry + Bonefish Wonderline

KMcFly 05-01-2006 03:50 PM

Bonefish Rod
8wt. GLX-Everglades-Wulff Bonefish
7wt. XP- Ross Canyon- Mastery Bonefish

jfbasser 05-01-2006 04:03 PM

Hey Ken, check your old PMs and give me an update on said subject matter of my latest PM:devil:

Loomis Crosscurrent 8 wt...Tioga 10 reg arbor...Wulff Triangle

mdbones 05-01-2006 05:31 PM

Tibor Satin Everglades / Sage Rplxi 5 piece 9 weight
Tibor Black Everglades / Sage Rplxi 5 Piece 8 weight
Tibor Satin Freestone / Sage Rplxi 3 piece 7 weight

Would love to use the 8 and 7 more but eight out of ten times that nine is in my hand (especially when wading).


formula1 05-01-2006 07:29 PM

Powell Tiburon II 8 wt rod
Charlton 8500 0.8 reel
Sci Anglers Bonefish taper line 8 wt (I almost never uplline).

Dave17 05-01-2006 07:57 PM

8wt Xi2 / Tibor Everglades / Rio Bonefish
9wt T&T Horizon / Abel Super 8 / Orvis Bonefish Wonderline

teflon_jones 05-01-2006 09:16 PM

If you can't make out what I use by looking at the photo above (try using a microscope ;) ):

Albright EXS 9' 3 piece 8 wt
Old Florida 6SA
Cortland Tropic Plus Lazerline 8wt

petevicar 05-02-2006 10:38 AM

Orvis Zerogravity 8wt 9ft 4pc.
Van Staal C-Vex 78.
Teeny Flip Pallot #8.

All perfectly matched.


arubaman 05-03-2006 12:07 AM

Low budget, great fun!

Wayfarer 9ft 8wt 5pc and as a back up I have a Global Fly Fisherman 8wt 4 pc
during the pike season the GFF took the overhand, and I now prefer it to the wayfarer.
Reel: SA a large arbour 79 I think its the 2 series, comes in a plastic display box and retails for around 35 dollars.
Line also SA, 8wt bonefish taper floating and a mastery sinking also WF-8

If someday Ill be a big grown up veterinarian, maybe Ill buy a sage. I would love to fish the Bones in Aruba with a SP 6wt (with fighting butt), but unfortunately the SP series is not continued. So if anybody of you ever wants to get rid of one......

llewellyn 05-03-2006 05:27 AM

I too am a veterinarian who now works to fish,I have been flyfishing and tying for over 50 years and am not 60 yet, so I think I have maybe 10 -15 years of hard fishing left. The complete diversity of equipment that people use for bonefishing is exemplified by the song,"It "aint what you do, its the way that you do it , that's what gets results". My favourite rod is a 9wt Scott Heliply, 8'8", the best rod I have ever used and I have quite an arsenal to back that up.

titleguy 05-03-2006 08:21 AM

Winston 9 ' 8 wt XTR w/ old Orvis DXR 9/10, Bonefish wonderline

Sage RPLXI 9' 9 wt w/ Ross BG-5, Cortland Bonefish line

Of course, I've only really been bonefishing once, but these are what I brought.

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