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bonefishmon 04-28-2006 06:16 AM

Spring Clave Fishing Options
I remember being somewhat frustrated driving to the Cape for my first real venture out into the cyber fishing world as a new member. I did not know any faces or names other than the computer handle names I had seen in posts over the winter leading up to the Spring Clave. I didn't know where to go so I just jumped on the Rip Ryder and headed out with a crew. I ended up fishing with Paxton and we had a ball at J Bouy. My new found obsession with the FFF was beginning to unfold.

With this in mind I'm sure some of our new members and old alike will be in the dark as to where to fish, what fly choice and who to buddy up with.

If you do not have someone to fish with and don't want to head out alone, here is your chance to ask for help.

We could gather Thursday and Friday night somewhere on a casual basis after dinner for cocktails to discuss plans for the weekend. Those who are new get questions answered and options filled.


Adrian 04-28-2006 08:14 AM

Good thought Phil!

I remember arriving for my first spring clave and got lucky running into Roop at the Causeway. As I recall, Penguin and Striblue were at the other end doing secret "special forces" style kayak rigging. I think John got wet that day:lildevl:

I plan to get to the Cape Thursday evening and fish Friday. Final decision will be dictated weather and tides.

If folks want to rendezvous in the squire that would be cool.

juro 04-28-2006 09:53 AM

Good points Phil!

We have three distinct points of coordination to use - Rip Ryder, Stone Horse and the Squire.

I will try to get a hat order together by then if I can find the embroidery digital file :eyecrazy:

Rip Ryder -
If you are showing up at the ramp ask Captn Keith where the gang went. We will all welcome fellow clavers in the spirit of the spring clave, just walk up and mention your screen name.

Stone Horse -
Most of us are staying there so we will keep some information up at the lobby. Maybe a little whiteboard or something. Years past we used a phonelist which worked very well. SAT PM DINNER is at the hotel dining area, after food is Squires down the road.

Squire -
Pretty much where the later action will occur unless you are tying or sleeping to get a jump on the drinkers in the am :)

We will be touring the Chatham Angler's Club at some point, need to coordinate with the Mayor.

Although I do not like to specifically provide fishing info, this time of year provides lots of situations:

- outer beach fishing, spring fish are in the suds
- flats fishing, dark backed and looking for a way out of the refuge in the shallows
- estuarys holding lots (and lots) of fish where there is bait and warm water
- herring runs for big girls


I would suggest targeting what you are interested in, and picking up the info from fellow clavers and even fish with them.

Generally it all works out pretty well informally but ideas are always welcome.

PopnesetBay 04-28-2006 09:41 PM

Meeting Up
With the exception of Juro, I have never met anyone else that will be at the "Spring Fling". Will be arriving, depending on traffic, at Stone Horse by early Fri afternoon. Once there I have NO idea where Rip Ryder, the ramp or anything else is, including where there might be a place to "practice cast" and hope to tighten a line. Could someone who knows, create a map or directions and get them to the desk at the Stone Horse for anyone in my position? A list of both "Forum Name" and real name of those staying at the Horse, for all to use at check-in, might be helpful also. Are the plans to gather someplace Fri night before dinner?

striblue 04-28-2006 10:20 PM

Adrian... I remember it well... Penguin yelling at me to reach down deep in my soul and mind and "survive"... " John, don't be so wimmpy just get back in the yak"...But Pete "I can breath"...Pete.."well breath for God sake"... Roop, " Pete, how will he know how to do that", and Roop and Penguin coming to my rescue since I could not get back in the yak and then stripping down bare skined to warm up once I got on shore.... I know you guys were amazed at my physique... Towing me back.... outgoing tide....I loved it.... I said to penguin when we went out that my tri-balance yaK wil not filp over and then at some point I reach over to the front of the yak to release my spider anchor and I flip out.... Reminds me of old Doogue who left off Chatham harbor south to get to the mecca at 5 AM... yaks out about 5 feet and flips over.... we met him later in the day at the light house but .... I think he spent the day at at the Squire.... very dry by then... great guy! Ahhh Those were the days

juro 04-28-2006 10:24 PM

Pete -

Stone horse is on route 28 so just take a left from the driveway and keep going. It comes to a "T" at Shore Rd, take a right. Go 100-200 yards and the mecca will open before your eyes. You can park there between 4pm and 9am every day and it's a great spot for warming up as well as hooking up.

If you feel adventurous, walk to the right and keep the fly low and deep on the sand. If there is any current you should find them. Otherwise walk over the sand to the inside basin called the "tub" and there should be fish there too especially at low tide in the deep bucket at the top end.

Or go back on Shore road to the north and try the accesses to Pleasant Bay (check mapquest etc). I suggest Minister's point, the Cowyard for starters.

But you don't have to go that far - along Rte 28 closer to the Stone Horse there are many accesses to the Nantucket Sound shoreline which is always good in spring and fall. Head back toward the mainland a bit and look for Red River, Herring River, Bass River and try your luck around the high tides or start of the outgoing at the river mouths.

As the date approaches we should post estimated arrival times if you are looking for someone to point you in the right direction.

Rip Ryder 04-28-2006 10:29 PM


Once at the Stone Horse you can take Deep Hole road, across from the hotel, and follow to the end which is Red River Beach. There is usually some good action off the jetties on the incoming. If you want to recon the Rip Ryder you can check my website for directions from Chatham Center to the Refuge.
From the Stone Horse go East on 28 till the rotary at Chatham center and then follow the direction from the web to the refuge. If your looking for a place to grab something to eat after landing head west on 28 back towards Harwichport center (approx 1 mile) and look for the Hot Stove sports bar and pub. Good food and cocktails cheap. It will be on the left next to Cranberry liquor store, parking lot is located there also

That should keep you busy till everyone arrives.

Capt Keith

juro 04-28-2006 10:33 PM

Keith, I will have to check out the hot stove. I see a lot of cars there so it must get a good following.

Adrian 04-29-2006 02:39 AM

Excellent, another 'hostelery':smokin:

FishHawk 04-29-2006 04:05 AM

Another meeting place is Larry's PX just East of the hotel on Rt 28 heading towards Chatham. It's an early morning breakfast spot. Often I would meet follow memebers there. I will be there around 6:00am on Fri. FishHawk

bonefishmon 04-29-2006 07:23 AM

Looks like I will be arriving early Thursday morning. I have to leave the Cape and head home no later than noon on Sunday to attend my daughters' dance performance. I need three solid days to fish.

Juro. Can we do a phone tree similar to the Boneclave setup? It saved me three years ago when I only knew a few people. I will be happy to help out if you want to post a cell phone number list the way we did for the Rhoddy Clave.

We should post directions to Nickerson State Park camping as well. I have never been but may do Thursday night there.

Phil Sheffield

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