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juro 11-08-2001 01:42 PM

Just another reason to hate fish farms...
You won't see me chained to an old growth tree, as much as I love old growth forests... and I am not going to hug a whale, but killer whales in the wild are among the most memorable sights I've experienced and the fact that fish farms are polluting these pristine regions underwater with sound blasts kinda ticks me off...

Dble Haul 11-08-2001 02:22 PM

Let's see.....the seals are not deterred from the audio devices. In fact, some believe that they are attracted to them in a Pavlovian dinner bell mode. And the killer whales, which normally keep the seal populations in check, are not frequenting the areas.

Fewer killer whales = more seals = more predation on farm fish = need for another solution.

This is a pretty ugly cycle. I hope it ends soon.


Tod D 11-08-2001 04:06 PM

I'd be interested to hear from Mylo on the state of the Irish fisheries (esp. regarding stocks of sea-run trout) in the face of rising salmon farming on the west coast (of Ireland).

Our time in Eire coincided with essentially a crash in the once-plentiful stocks of gorgeous, incredibly wily sea trout (which we'd recognize here as sea-run browns). General concensus was it was/is due to salmon farming and the concentration of sea lice...

Truly tragic.

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