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Smcdermott 03-08-2006 08:04 PM

I just wanted to say a quick hello as the new co-moderator of the Propwash section. I would not consider myself to be a seasoned boater with only one season under my belt so the idea here is not that I will be a question and answer guy but more a fellow fly guy who is learning the ways of the seas. I certainly found this season that getting on the water and actually catching some fish requires a steep learning curve. My hope is that we can share our experiences and learning’s and maybe bring a few more to the boat. If you want to know what the top end of a Contender is with trip 300 Verados on the back there is probably a better place for that. If you want to discuss ways of anchoring up on a flat to intercept cruising bass or sneaking up within fly casting range of some finicky tunoids I would love to have those discussions. I also anticipate that this will continue to be a great place to get some technical feedback or discuss what makes a boat a good fly fishing platform.

Here’s to a great season in ’06.


juro 03-08-2006 10:06 PM


Great to have you at the helm on Propwash!

I will be looking at a boat purchase as my kids leave the nest and the things you've been experiencing as you've entered the world of coastal boating over the last season are in sync with what I will need to think about getting back on the seas after a long hiatus (since 1995).

Discussions about proper anchoring or setting up for proper drift approaches for casting in winds and currents is exactly the kind of thing we could really learn from here. GPS discussion would be helpful. Basic rules of the road, safety, etc.

In any case I look forward to a season of enlightening discussion on the boating aspects of angling with you!

Hawkeye 03-12-2006 07:06 AM

Welcome and thanks for taking the job.

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