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mayflyman 09-15-2001 10:49 PM

The Hudson River
After the tragic human loss of life is tallied, we should think of the environmental issues generated from the attack on America.
What has happened to the Hudson River?
Did unburned jet fuel make it's way into the river?
"I am, in no way down-sizing the loss of human life in this cruel attack. I am simply stating the long term effects of this (hopefully) single act of aggression."
I gathered that the WTC stood overlooking the Hudson, there will be long term effects felt by both American humans & American animals.
How "clean" was the Hudson prior to September 11th.?

juro 09-15-2001 11:42 PM

At Prince William Sound (remember Valdez!) the single most important issue was the environment. I am so anal retentive about this fiasco that I have not bought a drop of Exxon product since that day and vow that I never will.

In Tuesday's horrific event it's my guess that the environment is so far down the list of priorities that I think it will be a long time before that becomes the focal point of concern. I'll refrain from comment on the state of waters surrounding New York City, but one could say that their present condition may lower it even further on the priority list.

You're right though, it is a valid concern, the Hudson is a primary breeding ground for the striped bass and an important estuary for many important species - but it very well may be a concern for another day.


John Desjardins 09-26-2001 12:49 PM

I saw this link and thought that it would add some info to this topic.

Info on how the river was prior to the attack can probably be found at the USGS web site . I haven't looked so I cant give a good link.

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