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Philster 03-02-2006 01:46 PM

Baja East Cape in July
Since becoming a stay at home dad 5 years ago, I've made it to Baja twice, and it's been 2.5 years or so since my last. This is hard for someone who used to consider 3 trips a year a minimum.

Well, this year I have a window starting July 1st where I am unemcumbered, and can go! Now I just need to find someone to go with me.

What are the tackle requirements. At least two Saltwater capable 9' rods. One of which should be a 10 or 11 wt. The other can be an 8 or 9, but frankly two 10 wts would be better in case of breakage. More rods would be even better, with 4, including an 8, 9, and two 10s being perfect. Saltwater capable reels loaded with teeny type lines (airflo, orvis depth charge, rio deep sea, whatever) in the 350 to 500 grains range, or shooting heads in the same range, lead core, t14, standard, whatever you like. A couple floaters or intermediates would let you cover the title surface action.

Skill level required: Casting 40 feet from an open skiff without hitting yourself, me, the captain, or the boat. Hitting yourself and the boat a couple of times isn't a big deal. Hitting the boat is just about the only way I lose flies down there in open water Well, sharp tooth critters and goofy big tuna might cost you one or two.

Location? The East cape of the sea of cortez. Destination really depends if you want to beach fish or not. For beach fishing Punta colorada is cheap has good food, and good beach opportunities and is a good launching point for open water fishing. If you don't care about beach fishing, homebasing in La paz, and driving to Las Arenas daily will give you some of the best Blue water fishing in the world, and access to awesome inshore fishing from the boat. My last trip there I caught Jacks, Roosters, Dorado, skipjack, lady fish, sierra mackerel (I believe called king mackerel on the east coast), too many reef species to count, and had one shot at a wahoo, a couple shots at yellowtail, and got spanked 3 times by yellowfin tuna, only one of which I was able turn on it's initial run. Species availability depends on water temps, so sierra and ladyfish may be scarce. It's MUCH better fishing, but if you are at all interested in beach fishing on your own in off hours, it's just not an option. For your first time, beach fishing is relaxing and a hoot but by the second day, you may be too tired from the boat to do any. tough call.

If you have never been, but are curious, this is an opportunity to go with someone who has been a bit. I'm not claiming to be Nick Curcionne, but when it comes to fly selection and having a game plan for most situations, I don't need to ask the captain what to do next, inshore, or in blue water. I carry a bunch of flies, and while I won't be handing them out like popcorn, I'm not going to let you go fishless if I happen to have the only thing that's working, which is unlikely anyway as it's hard to beat an olive clouser 99% of the time.

Non smoker MUCH preferred. Smoking in a panga, where fuel is sometimes pooled up in the stern is a really stupid idea anyway. Non snorer is a must, I'm an insomniac and only get a few hours a night anyway, and a snorer will kill me. Other than that I'm easy to get along with ( I put up with kids all day and am patient with most personalities), pretty generous, and will share any info I have. As long as you don't strut around like Laurence of Arabia, acting superior to the locals, we'll have a blast.

Let me know if you're interested.

Tin Pusher 11-10-2006 04:18 PM

Sorry I missed this post first time around. I meet all the requirements except snoring but if you are planning a second trip and seperate rooms is an option let me know. I am just up I-5 in Vancouver Canada so I can pick you up on the way to Sea-Tac.

barramundi-uk 07-31-2008 11:10 PM

Have you been yet ? I just returned , what a great place. Must go back sometime !

Given your amnesia and dislike of snoring I would say go for seperate rooms. Accomodations pretty cheap anyway.

I made a little home movie of the trip. It is very slow to download so pause it and then leave it for 5 mins then watch it

If you have not been it may wet your appetite. Or it may possibly bring back a few memories



barramundi-uk 07-31-2008 11:15 PM


I took 2 x 8 #- 2 x 10 # and 2 x 12 #

The 12 '# rods were used a great deal with so many Bull Dorado around. Best to land them as fast as possible, rather than kill them playing them for ages. A 45 lb Bull will still take 10 - 15 Mins to land.

Im wetting my own appetite !

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