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doogue 02-04-2006 12:40 PM

LL Bean Streamlight 2-handed Rods
To all the 2 handed rod enthusiasts out there,

I am looking for a 2 handed fly rod to fish the Piscataqua River and the NH coast this year.

I had a great year fishing this area last year but I will admit that my best days in the Piscataqua were in the kayak - I was not as successful fishing the rips from shore with the fly rod. I need to bang out longer casts and I want to be able to mend line better in some very speedy rips.

Do you guys think that the Bean Streamlight 2 hander is a good rod to start out with for these endeavors?

At $195 it fits my budget pretty well. I need another $500 rod like I need a hole in the head. I also need a good warranty. I broke 3 fly rods (all on fish) in the last 2 years!

If not the Bean rod then what rod would you recommend and why?

I welcome any and all recommendations and I am looking for some advice before I try to cast some rods and make my final decision.



Eddie 02-04-2006 05:00 PM

I would recomend one of the new Beulah switch rods. They are well priced and cast pretty well. I have one that you can try (I'm in Kittery often in the summer).
Go to beulahusa. com

juro 02-04-2006 07:44 PM

What are the specs on it? (length, rating, grain range, handle config)

doogue 02-04-2006 09:30 PM

More on the Bean rod

Thanks for the reply.

I am looking at a 4-Piece 14', 9/10 wt rod. They do not mention the grain weight specs for this rod so I will call them tomorrow to figure that our.

I do not want to link to the photo so here is a description of the handle:
- Below the reel seat looks like 6-7 inches of cork with a fighting butt
- Above the reel seat is 12 - 14" of cork

I will post more details later because I am curious on your opinion regarding the specs for this rod vs. the specs that you like on the CNDs.



juro 02-05-2006 07:24 AM

First of all I am no longer commercially involved with CND however it's no secret I love the rods. The config I like is not part and parcel to any brand, it's form and function.

I would recommend that you experiment with one of my 14ft rods before making a purchase. I would suggest that a rod that exceeds the kayak in length might prove a bit cumbersome out there.

If you are thinking of using this as a shore weapon, that makes more sense but unless you are planning to Spey cast (verses overhead for distance) then 14ft is still more graphite than you need IMHO.

Longer two-handers are not designed for comfortable strip retrieving to impart action on the fly and the extra rod blank's purpose is to allow a lot of line to be left out of the guides while manipulating into a d-loop, and then providing extra power even when the line is not extended into a back-cast.

They are often made with an action that is more intent of holding a flexed load within it's softer taper to facilitate easier Spey casting.

An overhead cast does not require this action nor length because it is a different cast entirely to make.

Each reaches his/her own conclusions about what works for them but if you noticed what started out as debate with fellow two-handers on this topic when I likely had the most hours experimenting a few years back has now become concensus on the shorter lengths as others have spent more time applying two-handers themselves.

I do not want to unilaterally push you one way or the other but do yourself a favor and try a couple of my two-handers for yourself before you commit dollars for a saltwater two-hander.

Also contact Topher Browne who is a pro staff / instructor at LL Bean and experienced with two-handers.

Mike you and your brother and father have been very generous and a great asset to the Forum and I am completely sincere about my offer to loan you a 14ft rod and an 11ft rod to experiment with for yourself.

doogue 02-05-2006 07:39 AM

Thanks Juro

Thanks for all of your words of wisdom.

I have no desire to use the 2 hander from the yak. No way! Yak fishing is tough enough with a 9 footer.

I have a couple of reasons for wanting this rod from shore. I have found some stellar rips on the river that have little room for a back cast. So spey casting in these areas would be attractive (although my D loop needs plenty of work).

I also found some great spots with tight access along the rocks in Rye.

However, more often than not I would be overhead casting. There are 2 beaches that I frequent in August and September and they are overhead casting territory.

The good news: the bulk of the Spring rush of fish does not occur until the 2nd week in June up here in the North Country.

So, I will give you a ring at the end of May when I make my annual pilgrimage to Mecca (Chatham style) to try one of your 2 handers.

Thanks again for the inputs and offers Juro,


juro 02-05-2006 08:22 AM

I see, well ya shoulda told me :)

If you are going to Spey cast then a 14ft'er is a great all-around length. Because we typically use large flies you might pay some attention to Skagit lines and Scandinavian lines which pack all the grains into short heads and thus are prone to move more wind resistant flies. The shorter heads also allow more strip retrieving which is important to striper fishing.

I'll have to drive up with some rods and lines this summer.

doogue 02-05-2006 08:39 AM


Originally Posted by juro
I see, well ya shoulda told me :)

Yes, looking back to the original post it sounded like I wanted to fish from the yak.


I want to access a couple of spots from shore that I can only fish from the yak now. Spey casting is required in some spots because of obstructions behind the angler. 100 ft casts are required in other spots to get to the sweet part of the rips.

I would love to show you some NH spots this year if you are up this way.

Thanks again Juro,


doogue 02-05-2006 10:22 AM

Switch rods

Thanks for the recommendation on the switch rods.

I saw that you and Juro were involved in a thread with Mr. Meiser on another board regarding the switch rods.

They may be perfect for my needs.

Two questions though:
1. Can you really bang out much longer casts with these rods when casting 2 handed? I just want your opinion on this topic.

2. Do you think that these would meet my needs in an area without much room behind me for casting? Could I spey cast even just a little bit with these guys (my spey casting skills not withstanding)?

I am just curious. And I would like to hook up with you this summer. Last summer I flaked on you a few times for various reasons. But I hope to have more free time this summer since I am headed back to school in the Fall (so work will get less attention from me this summer!).

Thanks again,


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