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jberger41 01-25-2006 03:47 PM

Echo vs. TFO
I am a beginner fly fisherman. Last year I purchased a cheap BPS Hobbs Creek outfit for $96 to see if fly fishing was something that I would enjoy. It didn't take me long to figure out that I did enjoy it very much. The rod that I bought was a 8'6" 5wt for trout in MO lakes and streams. I am now in the market for a 3 and a 7 weight to help round out my collection. I would like to get something significantly higher quality than my BPS 5wt but could use a little guidance, and at 23 years old, I don't have that much of a budget. So far, after doing some research, I have narrowed my choices to the Temple Fork Pro series and the Echo classic. I like the reputation of TFO but have also heard good things about Echo rods. Does anyone have any suggestions or anything that I should know about either company? I know they both have a lifetime warranty which is huge for me since I won't be able to afford another rod anytime soon. Any suggestions on other rods I should consider would of course be welcome.
Also, I will be in Alaska this May and hope to do quite a bit of fishing while I am there. Will my future 7wt be enough to handle that trip? The 3wt I am looking at would be just for playing with panfish. Is a 3 the appropriate choice? Any input would be helpful. Thank you very much!!!

P.S Has anyone ever used an Albright Rod? They are in my price range but I haven't read anything about them.

jfbasser 01-25-2006 04:55 PM

Jon, I tried the TFO Teeny Series at a recent show in 7 wt. It casts very, very well. I believe that they may be in your price range. Check their site.

Night Raider 01-25-2006 08:49 PM

I recently bought a TFO 3 wt. I got the series 1 (2 piece) and I'm quite happy with it. I was also looking at the echo (more expensive) and the salesman tried to talk me out of it, because it's a 4 piece. After tesing both I liked the cheaper one better, the lower end 4 piece rods don't have as good ferrels, so it felt more like a willow branch. I went in looking for a four piece but in my price range I didn't want to sacrifice too much performance. I am quite happy with the performance of the TFO for the price, I'm now considering getting a new 5 wt.

good luck

jberger41 01-26-2006 11:47 AM

Thanks guys, every bit of info I can get helps! Anyone ever used of heard anything about the Albright GPs? From the lack of pub I assume they are not in the same class as TFO and Echo.

teflon_jones 01-26-2006 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by jberger41
Thanks guys, every bit of info I can get helps! Anyone ever used of heard anything about the Albright GPs? From the lack of pub I assume they are not in the same class as TFO and Echo.

Albright doesn't market their rods a lot, but they're excellent casting rods IMHO. I have one of their EXS rods and it casts like a dream.

You should also look at St Croix rods. They have models in your price range and they're one of the best values out there.

speycaster 01-30-2006 06:49 PM

TFO, Echo, Albright
Don't let the publicity or lack of it influence your decision!! Publicity has nothing whatsoever to do with how the rods cast. Just because Lefty is paid to market TFO rods or some other big name is paid to advertise some other brand means nothing.

The new Echo 2 rods are simply outstanding. The few Albrights and TFO's I've cast have been very good too. Cast them yourself, don't rely on the ads! This is definitely not rocket science - there are many new, terrific low priced rods and virtually all come from the same few plants in China and Korea. You can't distinguish them from each other by the ads!!

Eddie 01-31-2006 08:44 AM

the ads might be the only way to distinguish many of them;)

jberger41 02-01-2006 07:14 AM

Thanks to everyone for all the input, each bit is very helpful for a beginner. I will be going to a local fly shop soon to test the TFO and Albright, I have not yet found a local shop that has the Echo. I am looking for this rod to use on an upcoming trip to Alaska for steelhead and king salmon. I was also hoping to use it for largemouth back home. Would an 8 wt. be appropriate for both of these situations or should I go for a 7 or 9?

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