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tight-lines 01-08-2006 09:01 AM

Polarized Glasses?
Well my last thread went so well lets try another.
Polarized glasses;
Does anyone recomend one over another?
What color lenses are best for fishing the flats? (I've heard Brown)

I now own an inexpensive pair with yellow lenseswhich usually are fine. But, I am rarely fishing in direct sunlite and have been useing them in fresh water. I think my head would be pounding if I tried to use them on the flats. :whoa:
I don't need any corrective lenses (yet)

juro 01-08-2006 09:57 AM

I use two pair, one with copper and the other with the darker grey tone. The copper is better for moderate light while I much prefer the darker grey in high sun.

Everyone's eyes are different but the grey gives me much better color recognition and the copper gives me better contrast in low light but puts an off color on things.

Something in the way I see cancels out reds when wearing rose glasses - brake lights don't register as well while driving. So although favored by many I stay clear of roses and ambers while driving.

Everyone's cognitive patterns are different, I trust color and movement more than shape (which is almost always very distorted). Movement can be very subtle so color is a key identifier for me and sometimes the one factor above all (depending on the day).

I would recommend contacting Action Optics. These guys are both fishermen and optic experts.

Penguin 01-08-2006 10:09 AM

I know Juro & JohnnyScissorhandz (Striblue) like...
Maui Jims...the light poly carb and wire models
I prefer ActionOptics Lost River with Clearwater Copper Photo Polar Glass (photochromatic)...
If you can get to the BIG Show (Somerset NJ) you should have the opportunity to
...try before you buy...
If they don't fit, you must E-quit! :tsk_tsk:

...then there are the "special" shades that let you to see fish that aren't even there yet! :Eyecrazy:

Eddie 01-08-2006 11:55 AM

There are four or five BIG threads on this site that disscuss this. A search will yield quite a bit of insight.
I have found Maui Jim glasses to have terrific quality lenses and frames, but they are too dark for sight fishing and lower light conditions.
Action Optics seems to have the best lens colors, best selction and decent fames. Costa Del Mar also has some good fishing glasses. Keanon is up and coming.
I prefer amber and copper for all around site fishing (and fishing in general). I prefer yellow for over cast and low light. I like grey for styling around and I like dark lenses for scoping the ladies and welding.
I like glass lenses because they last longer and have better optics. I like poly lenses because they are lighter an more comfortable (just scratch too easily).

huibgeselschap 01-08-2006 12:33 PM

a few things...

safety: safety first and last
- dont use glass, if shattered you will loose your eye too easily
- use quality only, if not your eyes/retina will get scorched by the sun without you realising it untill its too late
- never use red (or green) in traffic, obvious, but also not in direct sunlight, as they r unable to filter out the harmfull rays

low light: yellow secondly amber to brown, yellow gives the most contrast, brown the least, as a pro driver i use yellow in fog/snow, i see more/further, with more ease

direct sunlight on the flats; good dark shades, too keep out enough light

good luck on your choice
huib geselschap

tight-lines 01-08-2006 01:42 PM

thanks agian for the in-sight (get it) guys.
I am planning on making the show in Somerset, NJ so I'll talk to the venders.

On the subject of the show has anyone ever taken a class? I see Chico Fernandez has an "Intro to Saltwater-bonefish,permit,tarpon and snook" class Sunday Morning.
I've enjoyed the shows seminars in the past are the classes any different?

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