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Fishinimpossible 08-01-2001 06:40 AM

Yakking for Bones
Now that they are showing up, let's get on them. Anyone want to hook up this weekend? I'm still working out some scheduling issues (haven't talked to the wife) but should be free either Friday or Saturday. What are some good spots to drop into the brine with a kayak for these critters?

striblue 08-01-2001 06:44 AM

Steve... I will be with you later this month for yaking for them if you want... I am still after striper this weekend... but I have another week starting August 11 and would plan for that time.

juro 08-01-2001 07:01 AM

I have a pretty good list of such spots. I'll send you an email a little later on.

I was gonna hold off on the tunoid chase but damn, now I am getting antsy.

Some are common spots:

Rhody would be most likely at this point, or should I say closest to shore w/o powerboat. We could hook up with ArtB in Westerly.

Westport east of the river mouth gets an early showing, but not a great yak spot.

Woods Hole up inside near the docks might be getting some fish busting by now, Josko would know.

Passing much powerboat water up to Wacky and South Cape Beach where more shoreline opportunities "pop-up".

Then eastward through the "talk offline" zones and then into the "much ignored zone" where I have caught most of my shoreline bonito - Parkers, Bass, Herring and Red River mouths down to Stage Harbor on the ebb. They don't usually get down that far until mid-August but with the exception of a few slamming and dancing captains there is no one taking advantage of the bounty of tunoids strafing the area. Once they get to Bass River we should pounce on the opportunity.

Of course they even go further, one year they entered Pleasant Bay in huge numbers and strafed from Ryder Cove all the way down to the inlet for days on end. NO ONE FISHING FOR THEM!

Last year I hooked and lost an albie standing in Pleasant Bay and the spin guy next to me landed his on a d-dick. I had the wrong fly on - they like it but it doesn't hold on to them.

I caught my first fly/shore bonito at the mouth of Herring River from the jetty. They were all over the place and no one could figure out what they were. They were strafing a half mile circle over and over and over again driving silversides like herds. We all just kept fishing away from them thinking they were bluefish on steroids. Suddenly they made a deep surge into the mouth of the river and I hooked one up around 6 lbs. Kicked my butt! This was years before they were 'in vogue'. I thought it was a fat mackeral, and no one else could ID the fish.

How things change!

Fishinimpossible 08-01-2001 07:11 AM

What a board!!! My post had only been out 10 minutes, and I've already got a good start!!! Thanks, guys. I did my tuna fishing shorebound from Menemsha and Stage last it out of my "bones" by mid-September in time to get the bird dog ready for his season. This year, I've got the 'yak, and really want to focus on the buggers.

artb 08-01-2001 09:35 PM

Steve, and Juro I have a couple of spots for bonita, and false albacore, but the problem is that this year they appear to be late. I expected them a week ago, but they didn't show. When I get something definite I will post. I don't have a yak anymore, but I think I found something better. Next week I hope to get started scouting around. Maybe I can talk my son into taking me along the coast from Napatree to Charlestown so I can see where they are hiding.

juro 08-02-2001 11:41 AM

Art -

I still see visions of the big fish in the reefs between Napatree and Fisher's Island! Does your son fish Sugar reef and the rips around the mast, etc?

That area is incredible for flyfishing, you're lucky to live so close to it.

artb 08-02-2001 05:54 PM

Juro, That is my favorite spot from a boat. This year it is full of lobster gear. The fish are there. I have taken bluefish to 13 lbs. Fun when they chase poppers on the surface in the rip. My personal favorite is Sugar reef. They do fish Watch hill Reef from yaks. My son, when he gos offshore trolls thru by the mast for bluefish. Inshore he fishes Montaup,NY , and Southwest reef for bass. Bass to about 40 lbs, but on wire. That is not my kind of fishing. Charter boat license to fish NY is $250, he will never make it back.

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