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JohnM 08-20-2000 07:29 AM

Yakbone, Location II
An update on Yakbone for Location II(South Cape State Beach):

After we all met at the designated area, Tim and I decided to give SCSB a try. Juro and I exchanged cell phone numbers and headed off. Upon arriving, we where met with swarms of hungry mosquitos. I think I was bit 30 times by the time I got rigged up and ready to go !! We headed down the path towards the rips. As soon as we hit the beach, around 50 yards from us, we a huge blitz going on. Needless to say, this was one quick way to get rid fo the cobwebbs !

Tim's first cast hooked into a freight train that headed for the Vineyard. I hooked a bass around 28 inches and lost it at my feet. I looked to my right (now about 50 yards away) and Tim was still fighting his fish ! I made another cast and landed a schoolie about 22 inches after that a bluefish about 6 lbs. that destryed my fly. Time finally landed his big ole' fat striper. Easily a keeper.......

Out of the corner of our eye, we saw a man and his two kids running down the beach. The boys had to be around 6 or 7. At that point, we decided to move on down the beach and let the young guys get into the action (which they did !).

Well, needless to say, we spent 4 hours fishing every step of the beach area. The rips that set up on an out going tide are just unbelievable looking. We did get bumps from snapper blues. We knew this because we would get a "thump" and then nothing. Bringing the fly in, you would notice it seemed to be loosing material !

Around noon, we decided to sit up on the logs and take a break. Calling Juro to check in, I looked to my left at the corner of the rip. And there they where.......the green footballs we had been waiting for ! Tim was already running down the beach. I was trying to get off the phone with Juro and grab my gear at the same time. I kept saying to him, "I gotta go, there are Bonito here !". Unfortunately, we where not succesful in hooking up......

Tim decided to call it a day and save some of his points for another day. I stayed on and continued to cast and cast and cast. One of the things I noticed was that every Bonito I saw that afternoon traveled right down what I would call the "scum line". This is the slick and smooth water that you see between the water on the beach and the deeper water. You know the area that is 40 feet too short of a 100 ft cast !

I did have 3 shots in the afternoon as I set up on a point where I could actually reach the scum line. Knowing the bones feed into the current, I kept looking right and casting into the slick area. The Funny Fish Gods where not smiling on me today.......

Later in the day, Greg and Craig showed up. Craig proceded to catch a fluke but that was about it for the rest of the day. I stayed until dark and never did see any fish breaks at dusk.

Overall, this experience just reinforces why these fish are called funny fish. Thanks to everyone who helped pull this together. Now, onto BoneClave 2000 !


JohnM 08-20-2000 07:49 AM

RE:Yakbone, Location II

Sorry about the spelling mistakes. I tried to go back and edit the story but could not. (Juro am I doing something wrong ?) Can you tell I am still bleary eyed ???!!


craig 08-20-2000 02:52 PM

RE:Yakbone, Location II

Just a note to thank you for the sample flies you gave me. I kept them and fought the temptation to tye one on all day yesterday. I will be trying to copy them and hope I can get the proportions correct if you have any tips they would be appreciated. After yesterday I have been wondering where I could go to try and get my first bone. Do you have any input on the subject. Maybe I would have to go to the Vinyard? Well Thanks again!

Lots of backing,

TimSt 08-21-2000 03:41 PM

RE:Yakbone, Location II
Yeah, it was something else hitting that blitz right when we got there; the striper I landed showed me more backing than I've seen all season!
The company was great, and I appreciate Juro letting me jump on board at the last minute; I hope to return the favor if you guys need some footwork done down here in RI for the Boneclave, or any other reason.
My quest for my first bone/albie continues.
BTW John, you missed some sweet scenery laying on the beach on the way to the lot ;)

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