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juro 08-15-2000 06:04 PM

YAKBONE Clave this weekend!
I propose an impromptu bonito mini-clave this weekend. We will launch and row, paddle or swim to various south / upper cape locales to flyfish for bonito. Then we'll get together to share stories and enjoy the good fresh seafood and other entrees the cape restaurants have to offer.

If there are a half dozen, one spot is fine. If there are a dozen, we might spread out and clue each other in with cell phones.

If more, then we can choose from a number of potential bonito holes:

Bass River mouth, Stage Island - launch at Veterans or several other ramps
Craigville inside to end of inlet - Bumps River
Waquoit west jetty (Washburn) - White's landing or other options
Cotuit / Dead Neck - landings around but need to investigate access to non-res
Poppy - (wade)
Seaview - ticket is $15, cheap if three split the cost
Falmouth Salt Ponds (wade)

Let me know if there is any interest.


craig 08-15-2000 07:27 PM

RE:YAKBONE Clave this weekend!

I got a canoe with a 4.5 horse motor, what do you think?
Would that be do able?

lots of backing,


juro 08-15-2000 07:51 PM

RE:YAKBONE Clave this weekend!
You beat me... I've got a 3 hp electric on a 12 foot dory! Good thing there are oars involved.

i'm so outta here 08-15-2000 08:40 PM

RE:YAKBONE Clave this weekend!
JohnM and I are planning a pre-dawn assault along similar lines. I can't speak for John, but I'd be into claving it. The Washburn side of Wacky would be killer!! If it happens, I'll be the one mooning all the bait chuckers on the other side

I wish it were otherwise, but as it stands, all I have is an 8 HP Tohatsu motor to offer.

doug 08-16-2000 04:37 AM

RE:YAKBONE Clave this weekend!
What's this? Another clave that I'll have to miss??? :) :)
That's o.k., you know where I'll be "suffering"! Ha ha. ( my offer still stands )
One thing's for sure, I'll use my "new" kayak more in the next two weeks, than I have all season!!
Doug B.

Nick 08-16-2000 07:06 AM

RE:YAKBONE Clave this weekend!
I have a Saturn but that won't do me too good in the water. Other than that I have a wallet (for any shuttle services) and a serious itching to catch a bonito. I would love to go.

Bri-RN 08-16-2000 07:15 AM

RE:YAKBONE Clave this weekend!
Count me in if we're wading, or unless I learn to float over the next 3 days. Juro, I'll give you a buzz on the cell over the next couple of days! Be down @ Nickerson Park from Weds-Fri. a.m.

JohnM 08-16-2000 08:02 AM

RE:YAKBONE Clave this weekend!
Al and Juro........

I am on for a mini-clave ! Great timing as my wife and daughter are at the New Jersey shore for the weekend.......No boat winter, though, there will be a watercraft sitting in the driveway but that does not help us now !


JohnM 08-16-2000 08:05 AM

RE:YAKBONE Clave this weekend!

Are you on the Vineyard yet ??


Hawkeye 08-16-2000 08:46 AM

RE:YAKBONE Clave this weekend!
Mike and I are in but the best floatation we have are tubes but they can get us from one jetty to another.

craig 08-16-2000 09:00 AM

RE:YAKBONE Clave this weekend!

Where will we be putting in and what time? What kind of flies do I need to tie? What day will this take place? Saturday would be best for me, but I probibly could make it Sunday too. If Dave not going to be able to make it, I will have room for one other guy. What is your cell phone number? Mine is 508-7830605.

Lots of backing,


JohnM 08-16-2000 09:11 AM

RE:YAKBONE Clave this weekend!

Tie up some standard white bunny flies with a little olive and silver flashabou. I connected in Woods Hole yesterday with 2 bones on a bunny fly tied this way. I also had lead eyes on it.......


i'm so outta here 08-16-2000 09:12 AM

RE:YAKBONE Clave this weekend!

Tie up some bone bunnies in various lengths and hook sizes. These are very simple to do and relatively cheap. Some say not to use cross cuts for the palmering, but unless the zonker strips are VERY good quality, the overall effect on fish (stripers only in my experience -- hoping to change that soon) is less than with the cuts.... YMMV. Any color is fine for long as it's white.

I tied up a few pure white silver side jobbies last night -- something akin to the Ray's Fly style I mentioned in my Ahab story. Bonito have extraordinary visual accuity so shoot for flies that are as realistic as possible.

As to time and place. I like Sat. in the Waquoit neighborhood somewhere around 4 AM.

Now if I can only stay focussed on work....

doug 08-16-2000 10:56 AM

RE:YAKBONE Clave this weekend!
John M.,
No....I'm not out on the Vineyard until Sunday afternoon. Saturday is packing day plus draft day for the local Fantasy Football league....Staying until Labor Day. Can't wait!
So, I guess I only have 1/2 an excuse for Saturday... :)
Doug B.

juro 08-16-2000 12:58 PM

RE:YAKBONE Clave this weekend!
Doug -

Best of luck out there, you timing seems to be impeccable. This is your year for the fly tunoid!!!

Look forward to the reports.


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