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juro 12-19-2005 06:10 AM

Revisting 2005 Runs
After the abysmal season, has anyone heard the final verdict - did the fish ever show into the rivers or was the bulk of the run truly lost?

thanks in advance

Moonlight 12-20-2005 10:54 AM

There was for sure one "Bright Spot" the early enter upper Sol Duc run was counted by the ONP biologist and they were very pleased with the increasing nimbers again this year.
In case your not familiar with this run when I say early it is up by Salmon Cascades before Labor Day.
Most of the runs looked to be average to a bit below around here not as bad as you would have feared given the abysmal showing at Neah Bay!

cannon 12-22-2005 06:03 AM

Here on Vancouver Island the salmon returns were abismal.All 5 species were affected with Coho taking the worst beating with estimates of 20% of expected returns.The Big Qualicum River for example was expecting 20-30,000 Coho but only 4-5000 returned,just enough to meet the brood stock quota for the hatchery.The west coast of the island did fairer than the east coast.One theory is the warmer coastal water which has disrupted the whole eco-system.I believe the politicians back in Ottawa(our capital and 2000 miles away) want our Pacific Salmon exstinct.The fish have been a political headache and from what I'm seeing the fishery is slowly being handed over to the natives>If our west-coast natives do get control,say good-bye to the fish.

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