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tomd 10-19-2000 07:28 PM

yak access in the clave area??? Art B, etc...?
ok, I may make it down for a day trip, so I was wondering if I should bring the pungo along. Jared said he's gonna try also. should we bother, or is it all open ocean big waves type fishing? too young to die!! ok, not that young, but too good looking, ok not too good looking. damn it I just wanna know if it makes sense or will I just bring it down and leave it on the racks all day. Tom D

i'm so outta here 10-19-2000 07:39 PM

RE:yak access in the clave area??? Art B, etc...?
<!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">Rhody info page</a><!--url-->


Keep an eye on that <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">Beach Cam</a><!--url-->. If the surf is up on Mantunuk, you'll probably be relegated to the pond at Quonny. There's a great launch there for yaks. If the fish are on, I may put my boat in there as well. The currents are really rough just outside the breachways. Water whips through there and the standing waves can start looking like class 3 rapids. Exercise caution.

Art, you know of any secret spots to slide a kayak into where the waters are quiet, especially in the area of East Beach....?


artb 10-19-2000 08:40 PM

RE:yak access in the clave area??? Art B, etc...?
Quonny is very good for a Yak, On the incoming tide the channel in the pond is good fishing and usually fairly calm except for a strong wind. Charlestown also has a ramp inside the Breachway which gives a good Nimgret Pond access. I have been in, and out of the Quonny many times, but it is a risk if your not careful, don't get pinned under the docks on the left looking out. I have lanuched in the surf outside, but have rolled the Yak over everytime I try coming in through the surf. No one has told me how you can land and get out before the next wave hits. Has anyone a rubber boat? That would work slick outside of Quonny.

jared 10-20-2000 09:42 AM

RE:yak access in the clave area??? Art B, etc...?
Tom --

I'm planning on launching from the beach just east of quonny...not sure what the wave/swell scene will be...but am counting on using the rocks
as cover to make my way out.


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