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Roop 11-09-2001 07:43 AM

Navigational Products
I have been known to head out in the dark but only when I know where I'm going & not crossing large bodies of water.

I carry a compass at all times (try being on the flats, in the fog with a flooding tide without one) but do not have one mounted on my deck.

I am also looking for a water proof ( or are they just "water resistant"?) GPS that is easy enough for a child to use.

What works for the forum yakkers? Any links?



juro 11-09-2001 08:46 AM

Count me in on this question, I want one even for my antics on the western flats off Monomoy. Doubles as a yak tool, and I am leaning toward the yak for next year unless a tin 16ftr with a 20hp motor appears in my driveway.

striblue 11-09-2001 08:59 AM

Jeff.. I have a Garmin etrx legend with map capabilities.. It's a great product but they have other types of GPS,s.. see

Nick 11-09-2001 09:33 AM

I've been looking as well Roop, as I'm scared taking my palm with the gps in the yak. The garmin that Striblue has is what I want, but may be a little expensive for me. They make one that is a step down for about 165(at, so that means we can find internet coupons). Less memory, but still enough for what I need. I'll probably still always want the better one, so I might end up splurging on it. I'll keep this forum updated to any deals that I find with the gps. The etrex series is waterproof to 15 feet for 30 mins I think, it says on the webpage. They have a good comparison feature as well.

JimW 11-09-2001 10:18 AM

I have the legend as well and I like the mapping capabilities. I have not invested in the software that give the detailed road maps and coastal nav aids so currently the mapping does not do me much good in the yak. Waypoints are what I rely on for accurate navigation and I've also found that does not always report accurate coordinates, (out of date maps I guess)
I would recommend whatever unit you get should have the capability to upload and download these to a computer for backup purposes.
Can anyone comment on their experiences with the various software for the legend etrex?

Read the instructions - When copying coordinates from someone else make sure your entering them in the same format(there are many). Mike Estey was kind enough to give me the waypoints to a couple of rips at the Boneclave. I was using UTM format and his coordinates were in DD:HH:MM:SS. I entered to the numbers and was showing someone the mapping capabilities. Strange thing was the waypoint was on land. I'm thinking to myself, oh it's just that sometimes the coastline is inaccurate so I zoom out, still nothing but land. I keep zooming out and apparently the waypoint I entered is in Poland. :O The point is the mapping helped me realize my ignorance and I finally broke down and read the instructions.

Chris 12-08-2001 08:38 PM

Magellin has a nice GPS with channel bouy and corresponding numbers programmed in as well. Nice little tool I've been considering having been fogged in too many times on this boney coast up here.

mayflyman 12-08-2001 09:49 PM

waterproof GPS unit
Try Edmund Scientifics
item # CR30822-28
Sales for $149.95
catalog ref # CO19-3003

Adrian 12-13-2001 10:53 PM

GPS sounds like the way to go but I'd also recommend a basic navigation course - loads of books and self study materials out there.

Knowledge of local tide currents should be researched before venturing out and if the GPS somehow finds its way over the side of the Yak, which would almost certainly coincide with the densest fog and biggest tides of the year, well, maybe you could still find your way home with the help of a compass ;)

Penguin 12-14-2001 05:53 AM lanyard...
...If it's worth keeping, it's worth tying to a lanyard. I stash the good stuff in a dry bag that's tethered to the boat. The paddle is on a leash. When I finally get a GPS, it will be readily available and on a safety line (along with a cell phone in plastic).
And, Adrian, your bang on with a preventative dose of basic nav and a good compass!

JimW 12-14-2001 06:08 AM

Nick, Here are a couple links you may be interested in.

joev 12-14-2001 06:59 AM

...If it's worth keeping, it's worth tying to a lanyard. I stash the good stuff in a dry bag that's tethered to the boat.

You are right on the money Penguin

I talked to a friend of mine who just went to a trade show.He says Plano just came out with a bunch of waterproof boxes for under 30 bucks.

Nick 12-14-2001 07:33 AM

Thanks, for the link. They look pretty sturdy, but I already opted for a new gadget. After seeing Striblue's GPS this summer, it was a "must have". I picked one up on ebay for 200. I love it already, even if it has only navigated me to work and back. Whoppee! I highly recommed it. Awesome off the shelf features with no extra software.

As far as waterproof containers, I'm looking for an 0-ring that will fit those plastic boxes that I have tons of lying around my office and home. If I can find it, they will become even more useful in my kayak.

I'll give the GPS a real workout when I get to Eleuthera in a week!


striblue 12-14-2001 10:16 AM

Nick.. the Garmin etrex which I think you must have bought is also water proof to a dregree. I am not sure.. but I think it can handle submersion for an hour. It still does not do away with the waterproof case but it helps. Don't forget to update your software on the Garmin website..It's a free download and I have done it three times now since the summer to take advantage of the updating. When I bought mine... brand new... I still needed to update the software.

Nick 12-14-2001 12:19 PM

I already updated it thanks to your heads up on the other board. Got some neat new features from the update which was nice. I want to get either the fishing spots or the detailed road maps software, I just can't seem to justify the purchase right now. Maybe if Jim, you, and I got together, we could get a discount somehow ;) I do have a cd burner...


striblue 12-14-2001 12:53 PM

Nick. I have the "Roads and Recreation" CD and will glad to share... I did not think the fishing one was worth it.

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