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Domenic 09-25-2001 04:27 AM

I got back from a wonderful of week fishing in Montana.We flew to Missoula, and fished the Bitterroot,Rock Creek,Clark Fork,and Missouri river.The fishing was great.These were the toughest trout that I ever have battled.I was in my backing a few times with some of these fish.I had always said in the past that you didnt need a drag for trout[wrong again].We saw a Wolf,bear,Bighorn sheep,and Deer while fishing Rock Creek.Truley beautiful country.We caught large fish on small dries[18,20 and 22 tricos,bwo etc]as well as emergers,hoppers,and nymphs.We hired Matt Simms out of the Grizzley Hackle flyshop as our guide.He was excellent!!!!!!If any of you head out that way I would highly reccomend the Grizzley Hackle,and Matt as a guide.They were very helpful,and accomodating.My favorite rivers were the Bitteroot,and Missouri.This is a trip that I will surely do again.

Hawkeye 09-25-2001 03:29 PM

I am so jealous, especially of your Rock Creek time. That water has a special place in my heart. Glad to hear the wildlife experience is still good too. We always saw the sheep and one year my brother came nearly face to face with a bear cub and the same year we were "stalked" by a cow moose.

Hope to see some of your pics.

juro 09-26-2001 01:02 PM

Dom -

Sounds awesome, can you email me his contact info?

Gregg -

Stalked by a cow moose? I mean I know you Estey Bros are a page right out of Outdoorsman GQ magazine, but what made the cow moose have the hots for Mike? ;-)

Hawkeye 09-27-2001 07:35 AM

I don't know what was up with the moose we saw - it seemed to be following us but it really did keep some distance. In any case we were a bit concerned. There were reports that earlier in the week a fisherman and his dog were attacked by a moose. The fisherman was ok but the dog was killed.

For anyone familiar with the area it was near the microburst area.

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