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Eddie 01-24-2001 10:24 AM

spey leaders?
I would like to tie up some leaders and I was wondering if anyone had any recipes.
I have a few different set ups: I have a 15' #10 with a Wind cutter line, and a 12' #8 with a Loop shooting head.
Juro, we have a forum for flys, it would be cool if we had an archive of leaders for different applications.

Crusty 01-24-2001 05:33 PM

RE:spey leaders?

Based on advice from some spey fishers on the International Speycasting website, I ordered some poly leaders for my 7wt from Walt Winter at and some for my 10 wt from Frank at LoopUSA. Walt's are 12' (including your tippet of 3 feet) and Frank's are 15' (I don't know if that includes the tippet since they haven't arrived yet, but I assume that it does.)

There are some recipes in the archives of the International Speycasting website for leaders, but I found them unsatisfactory because they didn't start with a leader diameter that reflected a percentage of the line tip diameter, nor were they long enough. I have read that the leader should be of the same length as the rod using it.

Now, having said all of that keep in mind that I am a long time flyfisher but a neophyte when it comes to spey rods. Anything I say should be checked out with those more knowlegable.


juro 01-25-2001 08:25 AM

RE:spey leaders?
Eddie -

That's an easy one, I'll set up a new category under the gear section today.

Good seeing you the other day,


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