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griz 10-28-2005 02:54 AM

hey all...trout bum from colorado
Just stumbled on this site a few weeks ago... a little impressed that some questions on NZ fishing are answered by people living there...ect... :smokin: So hopefully I can do the same from my little neck of the woods here in Colorado.

I live abit west of Denver,Colorado. I've been fly fishing for around 14 years now . Trout bummed my way through my 20's fishing in the backcountry of Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho for entire summers. For the past several years, I've been learning how to do the wilderness rafting/fishing combo. My pride and joy is my 16ft Hyside... :chuckle: Enjoyed a few fine float trips down the Middle Fork of the Salmon ect. I think the most enjoyable trips are the ones investigating a new high mountain lake with no trails to it though.

My next big trip is up to Alaska to scratch the Big Fish Itch up above the Arctic Circle for (hopefully) big charr with some family and friends... only 10 more months... :Eyecrazy:

Anyway, look forward to adding what i can to this site.


fishinfool 10-30-2005 06:38 AM

Nice to see another Coloradan here on the pages. I live a bit west of Denver too, we may need to hook up sometime.

juro 10-30-2005 07:28 AM

Welcome guys! I for one would love to hear and see more about the rockies trout and look forward to your input... consider us very interested.

NHClearWater 11-04-2005 01:26 PM

HI I head out every year to the Flyfishing show....great area, and I must say for a city the people there are very freindly.. While I'm there I usually do some fishing mainly with the guys from boulder boat works, but always looking for a few others to show me the sites...

griz 11-04-2005 06:43 PM

thanks for the welcome, guys.

fishingfool and NHclearwater,yeah, feel free to contact me. I'm always up for meeting some different fly fishers and showing off some of colorado's backcountry lakes. I'm only tight lipped about the very few remote lakes with the dumb 20+ inchers in them. :lildevl: I'm mostly a ice-out to ice-up fisherman in the high backcountry so bring your hiking boots...but floats are fun too... Just wish we had more/better float fishing water here like MT/Id... :smokin:


teflon_jones 11-10-2005 10:16 AM

Welcome to the site! :)

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